Most homes include standard devices like water heaters because the water entering your home travels through a network of pipes and is often either chilly or cool, depending on the season. It would help if you had a water heater to have warm enough water to wash your clothes, take a bath, or shower. They usually reside in a utility room or basement, resembling large metal cylinders. Tankless water heaters offer endless hot water on demand, noteworthy features of more recent types.

Anyone can install a water heater, but it may take longer if you’ve never done it. Thus, the kind of water heater is installed, and the installer will determine how long the process takes.

How Long Was The Installation Carried Out?

The kind of water heater is installed, and the installer will determine how long the process takes. It may take a few hours for seasoned do-it-yourselfers to complete this task. But, the installation procedure can take much longer if you need to be more experienced.

Plumbers are needed to disconnect the old water heater and install the new one during water heater installation. 

Depending on the new unit’s complexity, it can take between 45 and an hour to finish. A plumber may need thirty to sixty minutes to install a gas water heater. Thus, a plumber will make additional modifications required for maximum performance during this time. The entire installation process can take between four and six hours.

How Is It Done?

It can take between 45 and an hour to install a water heater. Most of the procedure involves disassembling the old tank and removing the old water heater. Thus consider two to three hours for the complete project, even though the process could take an hour or longer. This time considers the time the plumber requires to remove the old water heater’s electrical connections.

If you’re a beginner, you should be able to finish the task by yourself in four hours or less. Moreover, remember that you must adhere to all local plumbing and building codes.

You must connect the water and electricity sources after you’ve bought and installed the water heater. After that, you must test the device to ensure it functions properly.

Planning Before Installing

Planning is essential because installing a water heater takes at least an hour. A water heater installation might be challenging. You must shut off the water supply, empty the tank, and unplug the power. It must then be changed to the discharge tube for the water heater. Installing the new water tank will require expertise and will take less than an hour. You can now install a new one after removing the old one. 


Now that you know that installing a water heater may take time and effort, calling a professional plumber at New Flow Plumbing will be the best and safest way to ensure the new water heater is installed in your household. We are the experts in installing a water heater and any other plumbing service you may need. We will be able to provide you with various services that will help improve your home’s plumbing system.

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