When your toilet breaks, you need it fixed quickly. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible so you can use it and stay healthy. Broken toilets spread bacteria and germs, endangering your family’s health. Most issues can be easily repaired if caught early.

Most people pay $125 to replace a slow-running toilet’s fill valve. This price varies based on work and parts. A simple toilet seat tightening could cost $50, and a plumber may charge $3,900 to replace a clogged toilet drain.

Cost Of Toilet Repair

National average cost: $125

Average range: $60-$200

Minimum: $50

Upscale: $3,900

How Much Each Toilet Part Costs To Fix

Many things could be wrong with your toilet, and the cost of fixing it will depend on what the problem is. Usually, the problem is with a specific part of the toilet.

Valve Replacements

The valves on a toilet have three parts: the fill valve, the valve that turns the water off, and the flush valve. About $50 to $150 is what it costs to replace a valve. A problem with the valve could cause a noisy or slow toilet.


About $50 to $100 is how much it costs to replace a tank. Labor will cost another $45 to $300 on top of that. The tank holds fresh water for the next flush. Signs of damage to the tank include cracks, stains, or color changes.


The flange holds the toilet on the floor and links the bathroom to the drain pipe. Including labor costs, the cost to replace a flange is between $145 and $350. Most individual flange parts cost between $7 and $20.


Since the toilet bowl is an essential part of the toilet, it makes sense that a broken or damaged bowl could cause problems, such as severe leaks and a toilet that wobbles. Without labor, the price of a new toilet bowl is between $70 and $100.

Wax Ring

The wax ring is a seal between the toilet base and the drain opening on the floor. A plumber can check, look at, and replace the wax ring with the help of repair plates. Most of the time, replacing a wax ring costs between $50 and $200.

Cost Of Toilet Repairs

Running Toilet. Leaky flappers, too much water in the tank, or refill tube issues can cause a running toilet. Repairing a running toilet costs $100 to $400, depending on the cause.

Toilet leaks.Your plumber can fix a leak once they identify the cause. $100-$600 is typical. Common leak spots are where the fixture meets the floor, at the water supply valve, and between the bowl and tank.

Toilet Clog. Clogs happen to everyone, no matter how well they’re treated. Repairing a clogged toilet costs $85 to $600, depending on the damage.

Who To Call?

Plumbers are skilled in repairing all aspects of plumbing, including toilets. If you encounter a problem with your toilet that is best handled by the pros, hire a New Flow Plumbing to repair it. We promise to complete the work on time, with a high level of quality, and at a reasonable price. For questions about our plumbing services, please feel free to contact us today!

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