Nothing in the kitchen plumbing is more mysterious than the garbage disposal. How does the garbage disposal function? What can you safely dispose of in the garbage disposal, and what will bring it to a halt? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the garbage disposal, as well as our 2022 updated buying guide.

How Does My Garbage Disposal Work?

Your garbage disposal is an electric appliance located between your sink’s drain and the pipe that carries waste water away from your home. Using grinding rings reduces food waste to little particles. These particles, which are typically less than two millimeters in width, float down the drain with the dirty dishwater. Utilizing garbage disposal reduces the amount of food waste sent to landfills. It also decreases the amount of unpleasant waste that accumulates in your kitchen trash bin.

Types of Garbage Disposals

There are two types of garbage disposals: batch feed and continuous feed.

Batch feed disposals can only be activated by inserting a unique magnetic stopper. When in operation, these models prevent things from accidentally falling into the disposal. You can insert food waste in batches and run it all at once with this model. For areas where adding an electrical switch is not feasible, a batch feed garbage disposal is generally the best disposal option.

Continuous feed disposals work as long as the power is turned on, allowing you to clean as you go. Continuous feed garbage disposals are often activated by a wall switch, a sink-top switch activator, or a power outlet beneath the countertop. This is the most frequent type of disposal and is the best option for the majority of houses.

Things to Never Throw in Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal and your garbage pail are not the same things. Food scraps and liquids should not be disposed of in the garbage disposal. It is vital to learn what foods should be dumped and how to utilize the garbage disposal to avoid clogs and disposal jams. Food scraps that are tough or fibrous, potato peels, grease and oil, pits, and other hard objects should be avoided in general.

Buyer’s Guide for Garbage Disposal

You may make selecting new garbage disposal as simple or as complicated as you wish. You can visit your local home center or appliance retailer to acquire a conventional model that will likely meet your wants adequately. On the other hand, you can examine the latest additional features available on some garbage disposals, such as stainless steel grinding chambers or extra insulation for noise reduction, and choose a model with the appropriate bells and whistles.

Because every circumstance is unique, when considering garbage disposals, pay particular attention to the outlets, power supply, and other specific characteristics of your sink and kitchen setup. These specifics will decide what type of garbage disposal you can get and how easy (or difficult) installation and repairs will be.

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