Did you know that the typical home contains at least three toilets? If your old toilet gives you problems, you might suppose it needs to be replaced. While replacing the toilet may be the greatest option, if the fixture is causing you problems, it may not be the best approach for the time being. Understanding how to perform a few repairs will assist you in resolving minor issues and avoiding the purchase of a new toilet.

You must comprehend the difference between replacing and repairing a toilet. We put up a comprehensive guide to help you decide between toilet replacement and toilet repair. Continue reading to find out more!

Signs You Need Toilet Replacement

If you don’t have any plumbing experience, it can be difficult to comprehend why your toilet isn’t working properly. If you believe it is time to replace your toilet, here are some warning signals to look out for.

Consistent Repairs

Fixing a toilet once in a while is natural, but having to do it frequently can become a time-consuming and costly problem. It’s indeed normal to have one or two toilet issues, but if you are regularly and constantly experiencing the same problem or even many problems, a new toilet is a way to go.

Constant Clogging

Have you discovered that you need to use the plunger more frequently as time goes on? If your toilet becomes clogged on a consistent basis, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Crack or Scratches

Porcelain cracks, or even what appear to be superficial scratches, might be a major indicator that you need to repair your toilet. Bacteria and grime can build in scratches and cracks, making comprehensive cleaning of your toilet impossible. This gives it a dirty aspect that is unappealing. If the porcelain is cracked, this could cause more difficulties than dust. A break could widen, resulting in leaks and water damage.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair  

If your toilet’s troubles do not fit into one of the categories described above, you may not need to replace them. Let’s take a deeper look at the warning signals that your toilet needs to be repaired:

Faulty Flushing

If you have to flush numerous times to complete the task, your toilet may have a problem with low water levels, a clog in the trap, sewer, or vent pipes, or a flapper that closes prematurely. These issues waste water, raise your water bill, and may lead to bigger problems. Contact a plumber to determine the toilet repair needed.

Running Toilet 

A running toilet happens when water from the tank constantly flows into the bowl. Because it is inconvenient and creates noise, this can become highly irritating. There are a few options for determining what is causing your toilet to run. For example, push down on the flapper until the water stops flowing. If it does, it signifies your flapper isn’t sealing properly and needs to be changed.

Low Water Level

Your water levels should be consistent in both the tank and the bowl. If you find lower-than-normal levels, ensure the tank shut-off valve is not mistakenly closed. You may have a partial clog if the water level in the bowl is low. A plumber can identify this.

When to Repair or Replace a Toilet

Toilets are simple to use, but they may require a trained eye to identify the issue when something goes wrong. Fortunately, with the assistance of a competent plumber like New Flow Plumbing, most of the parts are repairable or interchangeable. Our team is delighted to help you and advise you on your best options. Call us today!

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