Royer Park is a 30 acre park situated in Roseville, California. It is bordered by Oak Street to the south, Douglas Boulevard to the west and north, and Highway 65 to the east. Since there are no major bodies of water within this city park it does not host a large amount of visitors.  The majority of people that visit Royer Park usually come for its two main attractions: trails and dog park.

There are several different types of trails throughout Royer Park including easy access trails which can be accessed from all sides as well as more difficult trails with stairs or inclines. Some trails have boardwalks over the wetlands while some alternate between grassy areas surrounding meadows and harder dirt paths surrounded by trees. Royer Park also offers a service which allows people to download routes and maps of the trails for their personal use.

Royer Park does not provide much in terms of visitor amenities such as picnic tables or restrooms, however there are some benches available near the parking areas and also along the trails. There is very limited handicapped access within this park; it can be accessed off Oak Street but only via steep stairs and no ramps over obstacles like rocks and roots. Around 7:30pm on 3/4/18 a 20-year old man was reportedly stabbed by another individual at Royer Park after an argument escalated into violence; police officers were able to detain these two individuals shortly thereafter and they were both taken into custody without further incident.

Dog parks are a popular feature for many city parks and Royer Park is no exception. Dogs must be leashed at all times on trails as well as within the park outside of the dog park, unless they are being directly supervised by their owner or have been trained to follow voice commands off leash. The fenced area contains some green space as well as trees and some short obstacles to play on such as a small hill and running water from a fountain which dogs can play in. There is not enough grass space inside this fenced area for large dogs to run around chasing after balls or other toys though there are several holes dug out along the fence line where dogs can either dig up dirt or simply mark an area with scent.