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bathroom clogged drains

Professional Clogged Drains Repair In Granite Bay

If you cannot find a plumber at this time then here are a few simple sanitary methods by which you can unclog your drains at least temporarily until a clogged drains repair in Granite Bay professional plumber can check out the drain completely.

  1. Stop flushing

The first thing that almost everyone does is try to flush repeatedly till the material clears. But if the material did not clear the first time around, then it’s not going to wash away with more water. Please stop flushing immediately or you will have to deal with the entire bathroom flooding with water, and bodily waste. Wait for the filled water to clear away slowly over time. If the blockage isn’t big enough yet, then the water will clear with time.

  1. Cover your hands and your feet and your bathroom

Contaminated water usually will overflow all over the bathroom resulting in a mess if the water does not clear by itself. Use thick and long rubber gloves that will help you to clean out the bowl properly.

Then get a little hot water ready. The water should be lukewarm and just as hot as a cup of tea. The idea is for the hot water to flow around the obstruction and to clean out the blockage as much as possible. Please remember to use warm water that will flow around the obstruction and remove the blockage.

Do not continue using the water if the bowl spills over. In fact stop immediately and then start up again when the water has drained out.

  1. Get enzyme to do the job for you

You have to remember that the best way to clean up the clogged drain is by using enzymes that will eat the organic waste material and unclog the drain. Please remember that enzymes are most commonly used all over to unclog drains in sewer systems too. These are found nearly everywhere and are easy to use too. Just use the enzyme in the morning and then leave the toilet bowl as it is. In the morning, try to flush the system again with warm water and the full force of the flushing system. In most cases, enzymes do a thorough job of it.

  1. Plunging does work a few times

Plunging is not the most sanitary of methods as most of the water slops over the bowl on the floor. But, if you cannot wait till the morning or the hot water is backing up, then you can just as easily use the plunger. Be prepared for a little of a mess. Use newspaper to line the floor and prevent a mess.

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