We specialize in Kitec pipe replacement in Citrus Heights service along with many other types of residential and commercial plumbing services. From drain cleaning, to broken toilets, backflow testing, clogged pipes, bathroom renovations, and more; we can handle all of your plumbing needs.

Kitec Pipe Plumbing

What Is Kitec Plumbing Exactly?

Kitec is a brand of pipes that have been used for both cold and hot potable water within residences. Many builders use Kitec plumbing in condominiums in and around the Citrus Heights area.

The pipes come in two colors and serve as main indicators in your home, apartment,or condo: blue for cold water, and orange for hot water. To be sure, check for manufacturing markings that say either Kitec, KTC, or PEX. Kitec was a major seller that came into the market in 1995 and had ceased production by 2007.

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Efficient Kitec Plumbing In Citrus Heights

We offer comprehensive professional Kitec plumbing pipe removal in Citrus Heights and its

surrounding areas in fixing Kitec plumbing problems for years.

Backed with our years of professional Kitec plumbing replacement experiences, we’re able to give your home the best quality service at a very competitive price. Be sure to check your apartment, condo, or home to see if these pipes are present.

If your home’s plumbing system has an isolated issue or defect, pipe repair is the proper course of action. Since all other parts of the system are in good condition and functional, only the damaged or defective area of the plumbing system would need to be fixed. This, of course, is also a more cost-effective solution to your Kitec pipe problems.

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Homeowners will do what they can to save money for their household. To fully avoid plumbing issues, it’s a wise idea to have a full Kitec plumbing pipe replacement in Citrus Heights done as soon as possible.

If you think your home is in need of a major plumbing overhaul, the first fact you should know is that a state-licensed certified plumber is the only person to provide you the safest and most effective Kitec plumbing pipe replacement and repair.

What Can I Expect With Kitec Pipe Replacement Work?

In case that your home requires pipe replacement, you can expect your daily routine to be affected in some way or another. This type of work, after all, is intrusive and invasive, so you will have to temporarily adjust to a little clutter and discomfort.

Normally, plumbers work on one area at a time, so there is no need to move out from your home while the work is completed.

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Kitec Pipe

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