You’ve noticed your taps spit, the kitchen faucet drips, or the shower head spray is weaker than usual. Your pipes may be leaking or obstructed. This may affect your finances. Repiping is the most excellent option because repairing or refurbishing can be expensive owing to water costs, wasted water, and lower pressure. Consider how much you’ll save by hiring our plumbers in Granite Bay, CA for your repiping services.

Residnetial Repiping Services in Granite Bay

Residential Repiping Services in Granite Bay

One of the many reasons most homeowners choose our company for their repiping services is that we offer a wide variety of options regarding the materials used in their pipes. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs and budget. We take tremendous care to ensure the work we complete for our clients satisfies all their requirements.

Our staff members take great care to ensure that every area they work in is spotless before they leave each day. This helps protect your home or place of business from any possible contamination brought on by any dirt or debris left over after the cleaning process. Before beginning any projects, we are always upfront and honest about the type of work that will be done on their property, so there are no surprises later down the road when things start taking longer than expected.

Reliable Repiping Plumbers in Granite Bay

New Flow Plumbing is proud to offer repiping services in Granite Bay and surrounding areas. We’ll examine your needs and find the best solution when you call. From minor repairs to large installations, our plumbers are well-trained. We’ll diagnose the issue at your home or office and discuss the following actions. Before starting work, we may provide an estimate, so there are no surprises when it comes to paying. If you want a company that will provide quality workmanship at competitive prices, give us a call today!

Repiping Services in Granite Bay

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually leave the old pipes in your walls and attic for economic and convenience reasons. During the switch, we take care to drain any excess water or rust from these pipes.

If we are performing a horizontal repipe, we shall take out the horizontal lengths of pipes that are being replaced and carefully dispose of them ourselves.

If you observe brown-stained water pouring out of your sink and tub faucets, water coming out at a lesser pressure than usual, or rust spots or watermarks on your ceiling, these are all symptoms that your home’s piping system has corroded all the way through or there is a damaged pipe connection in your home.

If your home has a looping slab copper system, you have two options: a whole-home PEX repipe or a single-line reroute. Although we strongly advocate a whole-home repipe if your potable water pipes are leaking, especially due to rust, a single-line reroute will temporarily halt the leak as an immediate solution.

Granite Bay, in Placer County, is widely regarded as one of the state’s best residential communities. The bulk of Granite Bay residents enjoys living in their own homes and taking pleasure in the town’s rural atmosphere. Granite Bay has many eateries, coffee shops, and parks. Granite Bay residents tend to be conservative. Granite Bay’s public schools are highly regarded.

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