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Professional Clogged Kitchen Sink Repair In Granite Bay

Clogs are something that we all experience at one time or another. A clog in kitchen sinks does happen because of all the things that can slip down the drain unintentionally, and accumulate. Some hardened clogs are easy to remove whereas others will need the help of a professional Granite Bay, CA plumber.

When preparing food, or when washing dishes, bits of food residue can inadvertently fall down the sink. Sometimes this food just makes its way through the plumbing system and out into the drain, other times it gets stuck.

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Why Hire A Professional Clogged Kitchen Sink Repair In Granite Bay?

When you wash dishes, you are getting rid of greasy, dirty water each time you take out the plug, so that grease and soap residue can easily adhere to any food bits in the pipes and form a barrier for water to get through. When this happens over time, the clog can actually cause water to back up into your sink. Depending on where the clog is located, this can become a major problem for you and your drainage system.

Liquid preparations that you can buy work to break up the clog and get your drains running smoothly again, and if that doesn’t work, you can always try a plumbing snake to locate and break up the problem. Some clogs are tricky though, whether their sheer size or location, it makes it difficult to remove, so you will need to call in the professionals.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to try to avoid a clog from happening in the first place. One is to get a drain plug that also doubles as a strainer. Food will fall into that instead of going down the drain. It can then easily be removed and thrown out the proper way.

Avoid pouring grease from cooking directly down the drain. This will cause a clog faster than anything else. With used grease, simply keep it in an old can and eventually it will harden, making it that much easier to dispose of.

Running hot water down your drain every day will help keep it all running smoothly beyond your plug and making sure plates are scraped into the garbage disposal or the garbage bin will stop them making their way down into the drainage system of your house.

Clogged Kitchen Sink Repair In Granite Bay

Each fixture in your home has a trap that extends out from it and is used to stop gas from the sewer from entering your home. Sometimes, these house clogs demand help from a professional kitchen sink repair expert in Granite Bay.

Clogs can sometimes be easily remedied on your own, but when they get into a hard-to-reach area or are bigger than you can handle, give us a call! We are professional, reliable, and efficient plumbers in Granite Bay.

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