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Professional Sewer Camera Inspection In Granite Bay

When you’re having problems with your sewer lines or piping, you’ve got to call a certified plumber in Granite Bay to get the pipes fixed efficiently.

It helps to familiarize yourself with the causes and fixes for your sewer problems.

Pipes and sewer lines clog fairly easily, and your home can be susceptible at any time, when they break down, you can be faced with a messy situation. Unfortunately, most sewer lines are located underground, making them extremely difficult to get to, and costly to repair or replace.

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Common Causes of Sewer Backup

Why does your sewer line clog or break down in the first place?

  1. Foreign Objects: Foreign objects can get trapped in the piping, restricting water flow. Grease can also build up on the walls of the pipe and create the same effect.
  2. Tree Roots: Roots can grow into sewer pipes and lines resulting in clogs, over the years.
  3. Misaligned Pipes: Frozen ground, shifting soil, and changes in the foundation settling can cause pipes to shift, break and crack.
  4. Bellied Pipes: Ground and soil conditions can cause pipes to sink, causing paper and waste to collect and block the flow.
  5. Fully Collapsed Piping: The piping slowly deteriorates in time. Various debris and objects can impact on your pipes, resulting in collapse and hindering water flow.

These problems all occur underground, where it’s difficult to pinpoint until the problem makes its way into the house. Look for overgrown patches of grass in your yard, which could mean you’ve got a pipe leak.

Contact A Sewer Camera Inspection In Granite Bay

Signs it’s time to call a professional sewer camera inspection in Granite Bay:

  1. Is reasonably accessible
  2. Is measured correctly for the occupants of the home
  3. Expect long-term solutions after the cost of repair

Replace your sewer pipe if it:

  1. Is undersized for the people living in the home
  2. Is bellied or collapsed
  3. Is deformed or deteriorated
  4. Is beyond the lifespan of the existing pipe

With methods like leak detection, and trenchless sewer repair and replacement, dealing with these problems is more convenient than ever.

Expert Sewer Camera Inspection In Granite Bay

To locate the leak, contact us and our licensed plumber will come to your home and use a leak detector or sewer camera inspection tools to pinpoint it. Once it’s located, opt for a non-invasive solution like trenchless.

Instead of digging up your entire yard to deal with one problem area, trenchless technology allows the plumber to dig two small access points on either end of the pipe, allowing him to send a new pipe through the holes for repair and replacement. These techniques can save you hundreds!

Being informed is necessary when managing your sewer lines, but remember to call us for large jobs that involve sewer camera inspection in your Granite Bay home.

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