Trenchless Sewer Repair Citrus Heights: What Are The Benefits Of It?

New Flow Plumbing Trenchless Sewer Repair Citrus Heights uses the most up-to-date and technologically advanced methods. Typically, it is less expensive than traditional ones. Moreover, people are relieved to find that trenchless pipe repair Citrus Heights procedures are less time-consuming, more convenient, and more economical than traditional methods requiring a large amount of digging.

sewer repair and replacement

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair Citrus Heights

  • Keeps Outdoor Spaces
  • Takes Less Time
  • Cost-Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long-Lasting Repairs
  • Improved Performance

Keep Outdoor Spaces

Many homes and businesses have sewer lines beneath their attractive and expensively landscaped yards and gardens. When sewer lines are dug up, yards may be damaged, and repairing the damage will be costly. To attain the sewage system, which is commonly positioned at the pipe’s inlet and outlet points, only one or two tiny holes in the pipe wall are needed to be made. As a result, the surrounding terrain suffered only minor damage.

Takes Less Time

Trenchless sewer repair by a professional plumber in Citrus Heights reduces the time required for digging, allowing for repairs to be completed more quickly. A repair that would have taken several days using conventional procedures is frequently done in a single day.


Repairs and replacements of sewer lines are among the most expensive plumbing issues homeowners must contend with. Minimal labor is needed using trenchless procedures, resulting in a reduction in the overall cost of sewage and pipe repairs. In addition, landscaping and outdoor features are not destroyed, resulting in a further decrease in the general repair work.

An underground plumbing system is a set of pipes that transports water, wastewater, and natural gas. Trenchless pipe repair Citrus Heights allows technicians to do the task more efficiently, with no chance of hitting another line and leaking chemicals or toxic waste into the surroundings.

Long-Lasting Repairs

New Flow Plumbing trenchless sewer repair procedures are exactly as successful as traditional ones when it comes to sewer repair. In addition to seamless PVC piping, the use of cured-in-place liners provides long-term protection. PVC is impervious to rust and corrosion, and it has the potential to persist for decades. Trenchless plumbing repairs adhere to all applicable plumbing industry requirements.

Improve Performance

Aside from the fact that they survive longer and require fewer future repairs, trenchless repairs frequently improve the overall function of a sewer system. Pipeliners can enhance flow capacity, and new piping constructed utilizing trenchless technologies can be larger than prior pipes, which increases flow capacity even further. Pipeliners are available in a variety of sizes.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Methods

Trenchless pipe repair Citrus Heights is available in New Flow Plumbing they offer a variety of commercial and residential repair and maintenance forms like the following:

  • Pipe Bursting

It is utilized to rebuild a broken sewer line without trenching, which is time-consuming. In this procedure, technicians insert a cone-shaped bit into the old pipe, destroying it and replacing it with a new one shortly after.

  • Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining

A plumber performs this kind of repair by inserting an expandable tube coated in epoxy into a sewer line. The tube is then enlarged, pushing against the current sewer line. The epoxy cures and stiffens while it is pressed against the existing pipe, restoring the backflow. After that, the expandable tube is taken down, and the sewage system is fixed.

  • Pipe Coating

This method includes utilizing epoxy to the inside of a sewer to fix tiny holes and cracks while protecting the pipe from further rust. A pipe sealant machine uses a compressor and a flexible tube to press epoxy through the tube into a sewer while spinning brushes apply the resin. The epoxy is long-lasting.

How To Keep Sewage Pipes In Good Condition

Since there is little you could do about aged, decaying sewer pipes, there are four steps you can take to preserve your sewage pipes and postpone the need for costly repairs:

  1. Maintain And Examine Your Sewer System Regularly

Proper maintenance of your sewage and plumbing system is one of the most effective ways to avoid sewer repairs and replacements. Early detection of problems aids in the avoidance of complex and expensive property destruction. As part of your regular maintenance, a thorough inspection of your entire plumbing system must be conducted on a regular basis. Trenchless sewer repair citrus heights will extensively inspect the inside of pipes for damage and obstructions using a camera probe.

  1. Avoid Flushing Solid Substances

Only fecal matter and tissue paper should be discarded in toilets. Other components, such as sanitary items, disposable wipes, and diapers contribute to the formation of difficult clogs. Even flushable wipes should be discarded in a waste can.

  1. Avoid Root Damage

Obtrusive tree roots are a frequent cause of drainage system breaks and clogs. As roots grow, they strive out sources of water. Because sewer pipes transport wastewaters, roots are particularly drawn to them. Clay sewer pipes, commonly found in old houses, are the most vulnerable to root damage.

Roots can grow and wedge into sewage pipes, causing significant damage. Removing trees is less expensive than replacing a broken sewer line if trees are too near to pipelines.

  1. Keep Your Drains Secure

The main sewer line connects all household drainage systems. Drain protection aids in the prevention of leakage, clogs, and pipe damage.

A mesh drain strainer is an incredibly cheap way of protecting drains. Non-liquids will collect in the trap instead of flowing down the sink. The trap is then simply removed, and the solids are discarded in the garbage can. Drain traps are simple, inexpensive, and easily obtainable anywhere at local home depot.

Call New Flow Plumbing for Trenchless Sewer Repair Citrus Heights!

A damaged sewer pipe does not have to be a terrifying incident. The first step in resolving the issue is to consult with an experienced plumbing contractor knowledgeable of trenchless methods, like New Flow Plumbing.

Citrus Heights is in Sacramento County, California, halfway between Sacramento and Roseville. Citrus Heights is located between the region’s major freeways, with easy access to Interstate 5, Interstate 80, US Highway 50, and US Highway 99. The Sacramento International Airport is roughly 20 miles away. Citrus Heights has a centering retail industry. The Sunrise Mall, located in the city center, has lately been renovated and houses major specialty and department stores. The Sunrise Marketplace is a developing venue that offers a variety of dining, service, and retail options.

Elevation: 51 m
Weather: 16°C, Wind NE at 3 km/h, 44% Humidity
Population: 87,373 (2019)
Area code: Area code 916
Mayor: Steve Miller

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