Slab Leak Repair In Roseville

A slab leak is when your water lines underneath your foundation crack or burst. Because the pipe is hidden beneath your slab, you probably won’t be able to see it. But here are a few signs that you have a leak that’s gone unnoticed.

Signs of a slab leak

  • High water bill – If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill, there’s a chance you a have a pipe leaking out all of your money.
  • Drop in water pressure – Because water is busy spilling out somewhere it’s not supposed to, your shower might lose the pressure your used to.
  • Puddles – Check for signs of pooling water around your home, or if you have a basement, check down there as well.
  • Mold – If your hot water line is leaking, the increased humidity creates the perfect environment for mold growth.
  • Hot floors – You may actually feel warmth coming from a leaking hot water line.
  • Damp flooring or carpet – If your flooring is wet or moist, the leak may have already done more than enough damage.
  • Water running sounds – If you hear water running even when all of your sinks and toilets are off, that’s a good sign you have a leak.

Causes of a slab leak

You may be wondering why your pipes are leaking underneath your slab, this might be a problem you didn’t expect.

  • Poor installation – If the original builder laid the pipes incorrectly or they were damaged during the rest of the construction, that could be the cause of a leaking pipe.

  • Ground shifts – When soil shifts, your pipes may suffer the most and burst due to the pressure or movement.

  • Corrosion – Some pipes are “corrosion resistant” but that does not mean they are impervious to damage. Water and oxygen tend to wear down pipes over time until they lose their structural integrity.

  • Abrasion – Water pipes are made to expand and contact as water flows through them. If your pipes are touching something hard like rocks, concrete, or gravel, they will wear down from the outside over time.

How we repair a slab leak

Our expert plumbers in Roseville, CA provide a stress-free total care service to ensure your leak is repaired.

  1. There are a few ways to find a slab leak. We can either use shovels and drillers to seek out the leak, or we can use non-destructive tools like electromagnetic amplifiers and pipe locators. We want to find the pipes without spending all day listening to drops.
  2. Then, we expose the pipes by chipping away the concrete and fixing the leak, repairing the leak section, or replacing your entire line. We work with you to make sure your water lines are working the way they were meant to.

Our repair methods come with a promise of honest prices, and excellent work, and because we are a family-owned and operated company, we know what it’s like to need help from a trusting company.

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New Flow Plumbing slab leak repair

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