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Our experts work with all plumbing material and installation types. Whether your bathroom drainage or kitchen sink isn’t draining water as it should or your toilet has been leaking, our licensed and professional plumbing team is your best choice among all Antelope plumbing contractors. We can address any project, be it small or otherwise seamlessly, efficiently, and safely. Contact one of the best Antelope contractors today at  (916) 776-5252 or get a FREE quote online.


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There are a number of reasons why you may be genuinely concerned about flooding. This could include a burst pipe, a failed pump or sewage back up. Knowing when and when not to make that call can save you thousands of dollars as these calls often come at a high premium. Call our plumbing company in Antelope today to get your home plumbing checked by professionals.

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Sewage backup can cause a major health risk. The most common causes are blocked toilets or issues regarding blocked drains outside your property. Whatever the reason, it needs sorting quickly to avoid flooding and the aforementioned health risk. Call us today for the best professional plumbing services in Antelope.

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Not having water  is another issue that causes a potential health hazard. This prevents you from safely using facilities such as your toilet as well meaning you are unable to shower. In addition, it will also cause problems with cooking and cleaning that can impact heavily on your life. Contact us for the best emergency plumber in Antelope when sudden plumbing issues occur.

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Whether or not your plumbing or furnace repair system isn’t working, both of these scenarios are potentially very dangerous especially to vulnerable people who may live with you such as children, the elderly, the sick or pregnant women. With us, you can rest assured of the most safest, efficient, and affordable plumbing in Antelope.

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If you believe, for whatever reason, that there is a risk of a burst water pipe you call our expert Kitec plumbing in Antelope immediately. This again fits into the prevention is better than cure category and in serious cases, you should turn off the water supply.

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A leaking hose bibb is another problem that is relatively common when the bibbs become cracked and start to leak. This can be because they have dried out in the heat or they may simply have perished over time. Again this is something that needs to be addressed by a commercial plumbing contractor in Antelope CA to prevent wasting water.

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Sinks can quickly become blocked with food waste which can breed bacteria and become unhygienic. Call us today for more with our residential plumbing contractor in Antelope CA.

Living in Antelope gives locals a happy, exciting suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Antelope is a good place to live in, it has a nice neighborhood, mostly quiet, and it has everything that you need within walking distance. (Source)

From Granite Bay:

  • There are 11.25 miles from Granite Bay to Antelope in southwest direction and 14 miles (22.53 kilometers) by car, following the Douglas Boulevard route.
  • Granite Bay and Antelope are 20 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .
  • This is the fastest route from Granite Bay, CA to Antelope, CA. The halfway point is Roseville, CA. (Source here)