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Our experts work with all plumbing material and installation types. Whether your bathroom drainage or kitchen sink isn’t draining water as it should or your toilet has been leaking, our licensed and professional plumbing team is your best choice among all Franklin CA plumbing contractors. We can address any project, be it small or otherwise seamlessly, efficiently, and safely. Contact one of the best Franklin CA contractors today at  (916) 776-5252 or get a FREE quote online.


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Clogged drains are a serious problem and could potentially form a health risk especially if there is a problem with sewage. Over the counter drain cleaners can actually cause more harm than good so this is definitely a scenario when you need to call out a plumber. Call our plumbing company in Franklin CA today to get your home plumbing checked by professionals.

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Sump pump failure is a common problem after heavy rains or prolonged periods of rain. When your sump pump fails it can lead to your home flooding so this is definitely a time to call out a plumber. Call us today for the best professional plumbing services in Franklin CA.

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There is nothing worse than needing to take a cold shower before heading out to work. Water heaters tend to last for between 8 and 12 years depending on how soft or hard your water is.  Contact us for the best emergency plumber in Franklin CA when water heater issues occur.

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Leaking pipes are a common problem, especially around joints. This is a problem that can quickly turn into something quite serious potentially causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. It needs to be dealt with immediately so make sure you keep an eye out for wet or damp patches on the floor or on the ceiling.  With us, you can rest assured of the most safest, efficient, and affordable plumbing in Franklin CA.

Kitec Plumbing In Franklin CA

A toilet that is constantly running can waste up to 200 gallons of water in a year. This is again a waste of money and water and is something that is quite easy to get fixed so why wait? Call our expert Kitec plumbing in Franklin CA immediately.

Commercial Plumbing Contractor In Franklin CA

Low water pressure may seem like nothing more than an inconvenience and is something that is quite common in older buildings. It is important that you get this checked out  by a commercial plumbing contractor in Franklin CA as it could be the sign of something far more serious.

Residential Plumbing Contractor In Franklin CA

A dripping faucet is something that tends to get ignored at first but then the constant dripping starts to get annoying. This is a problem that wastes both money and water so shouldn’t be left unresolved for too long. Call us today for more with our residential plumbing contractor in Franklin CA.

Franklin CA is in Sacramento County. One of the most unusual secret parks in a major city: 605 acres of bucolic National Park Service land whose centerpiece is two bodies of water that ducks, turtles, and bullfrogs now call home. Hike along trails lined with California oaks, sticky monkey flowers, poppies, and sage.

From Roseville:

  • There are 107.17 mi between Roseville, CA and Franklin, CA and there are 128 mi (206.00 kilometers) by road.
  • It would take 2 hours 9 mins to go from Roseville, CA to Franklin, CA. (Source here)