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Roseville Sewer Repair Facts

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Do you know what lower lateral sewer lines are?

If you are like most residential or commercial property owners you might not. You may even question if these lines are your responsibility to fix.

Lower lateral sewer lines are the ones that run from the sidewalk into the middle of the street.

Here are questions that are commonly asked in such cases.

  1. Since the line is under the street is it the cities responsibility to fix?
  2. What is the cities responsibility when such troubles arise?

According to City of Roseville Department of Public Works, ‘’ Maintenance of the sewer lateral, the sewer that carries wastewater from buildings to the public sewer is the responsibility of the property owner as described in the City’s Municipal Code. The sewer lateral consists of upper and lower laterals. The upper lateral extends from the building structure to the property line. The segment from the property line to the street sewer is called lower lateral. Property owners are responsible for proper maintenance and operation of upper and lower laterals.” www.lasewers.org/

So it looks like the responsibility for these pipes still falls on property owners rather than the city. It is easy to understand that the 3 to 4-inch pipes that exit your dwelling are on your property and thus the responsibility of the owner but when it comes to trouble under the street what do you do?

The expert plumbers in Roseville at New Flow Plumbing are available 24/7 round the clock for all your sewer repair needs.

In other words, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to hire a sewer contractor to do their sewer repair related to both sections, the portion from the house to the property line, and the segment from the property line to the city sewer connection. If you have any questions about your Sewer Repair in Roseville, Please Contact New Flow Plumbing Roseville. 1 (916) 527-8885