The primary responsibility of a sewer repair plumber in Rocklin CA is to keep your house in good condition. Your home’s plumbing system relies heavily on the main drain and sewer pipes. Your house might be ruined by these drains, which are buried beneath your house. Drain and sewage pipes are often overlooked because they are hidden from view.

In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our labor. We will do all in our expertise to ensure that you are entirely delighted with your experience with us. We provide an upfront estimate for your peace of mind, so you know precisely how much the repair will cost.

Sewer Repair

The Contrast Between Main Drain vs. Sewer Line?

Sewage is swept up from your property via main drains and sewer lines, but there are significant distinctions between the two.

Sewage line drains are positioned beyond your property, whereas main drains are placed within your home. Drain pipes are connected to the main clogged drain, connecting your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs to your property.

Whenever you turn on the water, use the washing machine, or flush the toilet; water drains down the drainpipe in your home and through the primary sewage system. Once the water reaches your city’s sewage system or septic tank, it will run down the main sewer drain far outside your house.

Main Drain Clog Indicators

The first indication that your drains are clogged is the presence of several warning indicators. If you know how to spot these warning signals, you may avoid a significant sewage water disaster in your house and save money on professional drain cleaning services.

  • When your shower, bathtub, or sink water takes longer to drain than usual, it can mean that your main drain is beginning to become blocked up.
  • If you hear gurgling or see bubbles in your drain, this usually indicates a blockage in the system. Sink or bathroom water with bubbles might signal that the drains are blocked.
  • It may clog your floor pipes if you notice pools of water in your cellar or around a drain. Another possibility is that your existing drainage line is clogged.

Sewer Line Clog Indicators

Among the most apparent indicators of a sewer line backlog is the development of a heavy sewage odor anywhere around your house. If they are correctly maintained, sanitary sewage pipes will never emit an undesirable odor into your home.

  • Consistently damp grass is an obvious sign of a sewage line problem. Water may be seeping from your sewer line, which might produce sinkholes or protrusions in your yard, as well as an unpleasant odor.
  • Sewage line clogs can be detected when many plumbing fittings in your house get clogged or backed up around the same time. The mainline blockage is probable if you observe that the water corroborates into the shower after you flush the toilet.
  • When sewage backs up into your home, it usually implies that your main sewer line has become severely clogged. It is inconvenient, but ignoring the problem might result in extensive and expensive solutions.

The Most Common Reasons For Blockages In Sewer And Drain Lines

A wide range of causes can cause a blockage in your main drain or sewage system. Drain pipes can clog even with items that appear safe to flush down the drain. If you don’t get the drain adequately cleaned, you may never find out what caused the blockage. Keeping your gutters clean as possible is crucial, so be aware of what you flush down the toilet. A variety of things can cause drain blockages.

  • Soap
  • Wipes
  • Grease
  • Roots of trees
  • Particles of food
  • Abundance of tissue
  • Cosmetics for women
  • Hair follicle encrustation

Four Things You Should Never Put Down Your Kitchen Sink Drain To Prevent Clogs

At some time in our lives, we’ve all made the mistake of pouring cooking oil or food down the garbage disposal instead of cleaning up after ourselves. Inconvenient but not harmful, right? That said, you might also want to reconsider pouring stuff through your kitchen drain anymore, as you would easily cause clogs if you run the wrong things down the drain! Things that seem innocuous to you might cause severe blockages in your pipes, costing you money and time.

The following are four items you must never, ever put down your kitchen sink drain:

Cooking Oils

Pouring grease down the drain can eliminate any residual cooking oils accumulated. Fat, on the other hand, maybe incredibly damaging to your pipes! Obstructions in your drains and sewers can occur when water and oil are combined, which hardens the grease and causes clogging in your drain pipes.

Coffee Grinds

One of the most frequent sources of cooking sink drain blockages is ground-up coffee grounds. Tossing the coffee grounds down the drain sounds like a good idea, as you can quickly wash them away. Even if you pour a tiny amount of coffee grounds down the sink, they can soon build up and block the system.


It should never wash eggshells down the drain in your dishwasher. You must never flush eggshells through your kitchen sink, especially if you’ve had trash disposal. Clogs caused by eggshell layers can be giant. You may either compost or discard the shells.


Don’t flush flour down the drain to prevent clogs at your kitchen sink! Your drain might become clogged if you combine flour with liquid, which causes it to coat pipes, thicken, and prevent other disposables from passing through. To avoid blocking your drain, constantly sweep any extra flour into the garbage before cleaning some used utensils.

Why Is Rocklin Sewer Repair Necessary?

Sewer Repair Rocklin is aware of the seriousness of a sewage leak. Our employees are well-trained and know what to do to get the task done perfectly the first time. Our trucks are fully equipped with all the parts you’ll need for sewer system repairs.

Call Sewer Repair Rocklin!

Having a drain or sewer backup is a nightmare, but you won’t have to worry with the New Flow Plumbing Sewer Repair Rocklin experts on the job. Call New Flow Plumbing Sewer Repair Rocklin if you have any concerns regarding your drains. Sewer backups, drain repairs, and more are our specialties. We’re not interested in the sand! Our Sewer Repair Rocklin specialists clean up after themselves, leaving your property spotless!

Rocklin is a city in Placer County, California, located approximately 22 miles from Sacramento, California, and about 6.1 miles northeast of Roseville in the Sacramento metropolitan area. Besides Roseville, it shares borders with Granite Bay, Loomis, and Lincoln. As of the 2010 census, Rocklin’s population was 56,974. Wikipedia

Elevation: 76 m
Area: 51.36 km²
Weather: 4°C, Wind SE at 2 km/h, 95% Humidity
Population: 64,835 (2019)
Area code:
Area code 916
Unemployment rate: 5.4% (Jul 2021)

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