It’s common for things to end up down the drain when they don’t belong there, whether you’re taking a shower, rinsing the dishes, or disposing of items you no longer need. Make an effort to keep these ten items out of your drains if you want to avoid clogs.


Anything oily or fatty harms your drain. Pouring any form of oil down the drain can clog it. Oil and grease may seem to drain freely, but once cooled, they can stick to drainpipes. Long-term accumulation causes serious obstructions.



It takes little to clog a waste pipe. A random bit of pasta can inflict more harm than you think. Soluble foods like pasta and rice expand and clog waste drains.


3.Baby Wipes 

Baby wipes should never be put down the drain. Baby wipes are made to be long-lasting, which means they take a long time to dissolve in water. Because of their durability, they do an excellent job of keeping your baby clean, but they are not suitable for flushing.

Baby Wipes


Consequences of pouring coffee and grinds down the drain No dissolving coffee grounds. Clog your sink drain lines with grinds. Pouring cold coffee down the drain without flushing it might clog the sink trap and perhaps the entire waste pipe.


5. Paper Towels

Paper towels are super absorbent, which makes them useful for cleaning up spills or drying hands in public restrooms. But that also means they don’t dissolve in water very well. So they can hang around in pipes and contribute to clogs over time. If you have to use paper towels, dispose of them in the trash rather than washing them down your sink.

Paper Towels


Surely, no explanation is required here. The age-old problem of hair in the plughole. This is easily maintained using various methods, such as hair traps. If you see it, don’t let it accumulate; instead, pull it out!


7.Toothpaste & Soap

The improper soap can clog pipes. This happens a lot with bar soap users. However, scented bar soaps frequently leave a thin coating on your hands and pipes.

It’s not uncommon for toothpaste residue to partially plug your bathroom sink. Toothpaste is sticky. Hair can become stuck in the drain if not properly washed.


8. Cigarette Butts

The tobacco in cigarette butts is highly resistant to decomposition, and it will likely remain in the water system long after you’ve flushed those butts down the drain. On top of that, the filter on a cigarette butt can cause a major clog in your pipes or septic tank.

Cigarette Butts

9. Eggshells

Eggshells can easily be broken down by garbage disposals, but they do nothing to help unclog drains. Instead, eggshells may even contribute to your drain problems by soaking up other waste materials and allowing them to build up inside your pipes.


10 Medications and Chemicals

Medications and Chemicals

Many medications have chemicals that are resistant to decomposition, which means they will remain in the water system long after they’ve left your home. Even medicines that claim to be flushable often don’t break down quickly enough to avoid clogging up your toilet or septic tank.

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