Plumbing problems are common in houses, and many owners have learned to fix some while ignoring others and calling a professional when the problem becomes severe. Some typical difficulties are symptoms of larger issues that can lead to a disaster in the home. Repairing these common plumbing issues can save you money and your home.

If you notice any of the following indicators, you should call a plumber granite bay.


1.Low Water Pressure 

Having low water pressure may manifest itself as water trickling out of the faucet rather than gushing forth as intended. Older houses frequently have this issue. Defective or corroded pipes can produce low water pressure.

Typically, the accumulation of silt and mineral deposits on an aerator is the most prevalent cause of low water pressure in a shower or bathtub, according to the American Water Works Association (AWWA). To clean the aerator, you can immerse it in vinegar for a few minutes. If the shower is the root of the problem, either soak the showerhead in vinegar or replace it completely.

2.Leaky Pipes

leaking pipes can be more than just a nuisance; they can also cause damage to furniture and floors, as well as stimulate the growth of vermin such as cockroaches. Leaks usually always occur at the junctions between the pipes.

Tape, compounds, and fillers can often be used to give a temporary patch, but if you need something more permanent, you will need to replace a section of pipe or the fittings that are connected to it. It is possible that the services of a plumber will be required.

Winter is a particularly bad time for leaks because freezing and expanding water can cause pipes to explode.

3.Sewer System Backup

Unexpected sewer backups can be a major catastrophe, to put it nicely. They can be offensive, unpleasant, unhygienic, inconvenient, and expensive to clean up once they have been released into the environment. In the event that several drains and toilets stop operating at the same time, as well as an overwhelming stink of human waste in the house, this is most likely the source of the issue.

The person who is responsible for resolving the problem is highly dependent on the location of the bottleneck. If the problem is on your land, it is your responsibility. If the problem is on a public road, your water company is responsible for fixing it. Because of this, you may have to pay a plumber only to discover the obstruction; however, it is generally worthwhile to contact your water provider first if you feel that the blockage is not on your property.

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