Blocked sewer pipes are an unpleasant surprise during a warm summer day. Instead of lounging by the pool or cheering on your favorite team from the stands, you’re probably trying to figure out what’s causing the stench and how much damage has been done. To keep your summer weekends free for more exciting pursuits than fixing a clogged sewer line, we present the following list of possible causes and solutions.

Possible Causes of Sewer Pipe Clogs

Summer Storms

Overloading and backups in public sewer systems are common problems during summer storms. A sewer system can become overwhelmed when it receives a large amount of water all at once, as happens during the summer’s heavy downpours. This can lead to a backup in the system’s water lines. Sewer water can back into your house and onto your property if your sewer line doesn’t have a backwater valve. Consider installing a backwater valve or a sump pump if you have consistent flooding. The more water that flows into the lines during a storm, the more work the system has to do to get rid of it, so experts recommend putting off any water-intensive household chores until the storm has passed.

Intensified Usage

Sewer systems typically experience peak usage during the summer. The wastewater system is under more stress during the summer when school is out because there are fewer students and more visitors. Because of this, sewage pipes are more likely to become clogged. You should call a plumber for sewer repair if you see bubbles in the toilet or a filled sink. This indicates a clog in the sewer line. When dealing with sewer issues, it’s essential to contact a plumber right away before the situation worsens.

Tree Roots

Soil can dry out, and plants grow more rapidly in the summer. As a result, plants may send out new roots to explore deeper into the soil in search of water. When combined with preexisting pipe damage, this can have a devastating effect on a city’s sewage system. Invading roots can block drains and even break pipes if they find a way in. Sewer repair may be necessary if your yard is consistently wetter than usual or there is a sewage odor. If you notice this, it may be because wastewater from your system has escaped the pipes and is pooling in your yard.

What Should You Do If Your Sewer Pipe Is Blocked?

In the event of a blocked sewer line in your home, it’s recommended that you contact a professional plumber. While it’s possible to recognize the symptoms of a clogged sewer line, clearing the line without causing additional damage to the pipes is best left to the experts. A professional plumber can examine the line, identify the blockage’s origin, remove it, and advise you on how to keep the line clear in the future. At New Flow Plumbing, we are experts in all aspects of plumbing, including sewer line repair. We can help you identify and remove the obstruction and provide you with preventative measures to keep your pipes clear and running smoothly.

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