A functional sewer system is essential to any home, providing you with a safe way to dispose of waste. But just like other parts of your home, it can begin to wear down over time — so much so that it becomes ineffective or begins to leak waste into your groundwater.

If you’re thinking about investing in sewer repair and replacement services, consider these five advantages that could benefit you and your family:

sewer repair and replacement

1.Saves Money

A damaged sewer system isn’t just bad for the environment — it can lead to expensive problems, too. If left unattended for too long, a malfunctioning system can quickly turn into a plumbing emergency, requiring immediate attention from a professional plumber. This kind of emergency will not only cause major disruption to your daily routine but could cost you big bucks for repairs. By repairing or replacing your sewer system before an emergency occurs, you can save yourself a costly headache down the road.

2.Improves Resale Value

A functioning plumbing system is vital to any home. When your sewer line is damaged or not working properly, it can decrease the value of your home by thousands of dollars. Installing a new sewer line increases the value of your property because buyers know they won’t have to worry about repairs right away. Professionally installed sewer lines also give you peace of mind and keep you from worrying about future problems with your plumbing system.

3.Protects Health

Poor plumbing can lead to backed-up drains and water leaks that result in mold and mildew growth. These organisms produce spores that, when inhaled, cause health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and respiratory infections. Replacing old pipes can prevent the growth of these harmful microbes by containing water where it belongs — inside the pipes.

4.Prevents Water Pollution and Contamination

Leaks and other issues with aging sewer pipes allow polluted water to seep into the ground, contaminating groundwater supplies, soil, and nearby streams, rivers, or lakes. Water pollution can affect our drinking water and recreational activities such as swimming or fishing and even harm wildlife in neighboring areas. Replacing old pipes helps keep this from happening.

5.Better Water Quality

One advantage of sewer repair and replacement is that new systems are more efficient than older ones. Furthermore, they do not accumulate the same type of buildup that old pipes do. Water that is discolored or smells funny at times could be caused by old pipes or accumulation inside them, which could be a sign of a problem. You can potentially get rid of this problem by upgrading to a more modern system that has higher filtration capabilities.

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If you have a sewer issue, then it is important to get it checked out promptly by a professional. Protecting your home from structural damage shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can’t see it or smell it, but your sewer line is still a very important part of your home’s infrastructure. When it comes to sewer repair and replacement, make sure you do your research and go with a trusted provider like New Flow Plumbing. So call us today if you suspect any damage to your sewer system. 

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