Water heaters are used daily, unlike dishwashers and washing machines. This appliance heats water for showers, dishes, laundry, and handwashing, so problems are common since your family uses the water heater daily. If your water heater is not working, here are the five ways to fix it. 

Secure The Ball/In-Line Valve Nut

You should secure the ball/in-line valve nut if the issue is a leak in the water tank. This is the most effective technique to solve the problem. An in-line hanging valve is a common cause of water tank leaks. If after you tighten it, the leak gets worse, you will have to go to the nearest hardware store to get a new in-line valve for your water heater.

Change The Setting In Your Thermostat

Changing the temperature setting on your thermostat is the most effective technique to correct the problem if the water in your home is either too cold or too warm. You can save money if you set the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a great temperature to avoid burning or irritating your skin. You can also set the thermostat to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to make your showers more pleasant.

Replace Thermocouple

If the gas control or burner assembly is damaged, it is best to replace it rather than attempt to repair it. It may be determined if the water heater needs to be fixed and the water is not heating up. To replace the thermocouple on your own, you must first ensure that the gas and water are turned off. This will guarantee that you do not do any additional damage.

Check The Pressure Release Valve

To examine the pressure valve, first, turn off the water heater’s gas or power supply. Release the pressure by opening the valve. If water is expelled, the valve is functional. If something else occurs, repeat the process a few times. If, after opening and shutting the valve three times, no water flows, the valve must be replaced. 

Increase Gas Pressure

Once your water tank runs dry, recovering warm water shouldn’t take at least a few minutes. Your water heater may have a polluted burner orifice if it takes an hour to get warm water. On the other hand, you can increase the gas pressure in your water heater to repair a low hot water supply. Contact a certified local technician for immediate assistance with this water heater issue, such as help cleaning a burner orifice or adjusting gas pressure.

Final Thoughts

Having problems with your water heater in the morning can be depressing to start your day. That’s why these ways were given to help you fix your water heater and start your day in a light mood. However, if you find these a little complicated or want assistance and help from a professional, contact New Flow Plumbing. We can help you fix your problems with your water heater and deliver you the best service we can give. Contact us now!

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