Many plumbing issues can be brought on by heavy rainfall. Since severe weather can create pipe overload, it is essential to check your plumbing systems regularly and while a storm is happening. Some problems that might arise in a home’s plumbing system due to severe rain are listed below.

Pipes Collapse

Pipes might burst due to ground movement brought on by rain. The lines are laid on soil and rocks, both susceptible to collapse due to the moist ground and pressure caused by the increased activity. Dirt in the water, a change in the water’s color, or a foul odor or taste are all indicators of this problem. The water flowing from your faucets might be contaminated with dirt or other material.

Sewage Piling Up

It is common for sewage to back up into homes from major city lines during flooding. When it rains, the garbage, debris, and even the leaves in your gutters get pushed into the drains, causing them to overflow and back up. If you expect rain, you should check your outside drains to ensure they are not obstructed. It is also vital to regularly clean the gutters and curbsides so that trash does not accumulate in the regions outdoors and eventually makes its way into the storm sewers.

Blocked Drains

Heavy rains might cause your pipes to get clogged entirely, even worse than a sewage backup. Debris being forced back into your lines is the root cause of the water backup. It’s possible that the waste may cause a sewage backup, and it might also harm your home’s inside and exterior. Too much pressure, especially if the line isn’t cleaned quickly, might cause pipes to rupture. If you have a blockage in your drains and water isn’t draining correctly after a big storm or any other time, you should call a plumber immediately.


Water tends to gather in the low spots and puddles throughout our yard when it rains heavily. However, these puddles of rainfall can become a significant issue if there is no way for them to drain. The location and condition of any drains in an outdoor area are crucial in determining the cause of any flooding that may occur there. If water is always pooling outside, it might be because there isn’t enough drainage on the land. Your driveway, basement steps, and walkway might get flooded if rainfall is not correctly directed away from your home. Flooding of this magnitude can potentially weaken your driveway, deck, and even the foundation of your house. An area drain might alleviate the problem by directing water away from your home’s foundation and other low places on the land.

What’s Next?

Excessive rainfall can be a major problem for your drainage system, leading to clogs and leaks. Having a trustworthy plumber on the dial is essential if you make your home in a rainy region. The New Flow Plumbing crew is here to help! We can replace water lines, fix sewage lines, rebuild pipes, and clear drains, among other things. Reach out to our licensed plumbers if you have any concerns regarding the condition of your pipes or drains following a rainstorm. Contact us immediately if you need a plumber for any reason, not only for rain-related problems.

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