Knowing where your home’s main water shutoff valve is and how to operate it can be a lifesaver! In the event of an emergency or plumbing repair, you’ll want to know exactly where this important valve is located. If you’re unsure where your shutoff valve is, now’s the time to find out! As your trusted plumber Citrus Heights experts, we’ll walk you through the steps of locating and identifying the main water shutoff valve for your home.

Main Water Shut Valve

On The Inside Perimeter

The major water shutoff valve can be found inside your home, near the furnace. Typically, it will be positioned on the house’s perimeter, as this is where the water first enters your home.

Also, keep on the street-facing side of the house. Your water main normally starts at the street and runs straight to your house. Once you’ve found the valve, turn the handle or knife-style valve.

Please remember that this is only normal if you have access to municipal water. Water may enter the house from the back or the side if you utilize well water.

On Your Property Inspection Report

If, after physically searching for it, you are still unable to locate the water shutoff valve. One possibility is to go over the property inspection report completed for you during the final phases of acquiring your home.

Look in the plumbing portion of the report. This section should include a photo of the shutoff valve and the location of the valve. Even if the water system was not malfunctioning at the time of the property inspection report, the report should, as a matter of course, note the location of the shutoff valve.

On The Streetside 

If none of those above techniques work, a curb valve may be positioned at the beginning of your water main, between your property and the street or sidewalk, and it can be used to shut off the water.

Locate the trap door for the utility box, which is located on the ground. Call the water company’s emergency phone, available 24 hours a day. It is feasible to turn off the water valve without waiting for emergency dispatch personnel to arrive.

The Proper Way To Shut Off The Main Water Supply

Once you’ve discovered the valve, test it. Then reverse the process. Then turn it a quarter-turn counterclockwise. This allows water into your home but not enough to overflow if your pipes or fixtures fail.

In an emergency, turn the valve clockwise until it stops, then walk away, keeping an eye out for any dripping from a nearby pipe. If there is no dripping, it means that all of your water has been turned off.

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