When is the right time for you to replace your toilet? You may be asking that question, especially if you are still using the same one that came stock with the place when you moved in. It might look out of place at the moment, but what about a year from now? The fact is that toilets have a decent lifespan. This can mean decades in some cases, so it is easy for us to forget what it’s like to be running around looking for toilets to replace completely. You might be flushed with a wealth of information about your toilet, but one thing you might not know is how long your toilet tank can last. If you are trying to figure out when it is time to replace your toilet with a professional plumber Granite Bay, follow our guide to determine when that time has come.


  1. Flushing is Inefficient

Installing a new, water-efficient toilet can help you save money if your water rates are excessively high. Unlike the traditional toilet, which uses three to five gallons of water per flush, the low-flush toilet uses approximately two gallons. You may find that making this modification is useful if you have a large family or are worried about the environment.


  1. Continuous Clogging

While clogged toilets are frequent, one that is constantly backed up suggests a problem. Infrequent or random clogs indicate it’s time to retire the commode. This could be the situation with an old low-flush toilet. Older low-flush toilets are notorious for randomly stopping and requiring multiple flushes. Technology has advanced significantly, as have low-flush alternatives. If you enjoy the water-saving features, you should replace your toilet with one.

Continuous Clogging

  1. Leaks From Cracks

Toilets are prone to cracking as a result of wear and use. The presence of a few small cracks along the edge of a toilet seat or on the upper half of the tank is not a problem, but fractures in other areas can quickly result in flooding in the bathroom. Cracks that are discovered around the bottom of the toilet or on the lower portions of the tank should be repaired as soon as possible. It is safer to rebuild the complete system rather than patching up the cracks that have already appeared in the system. If cracks have already begun to form in the past, it is likely that they will begin to form again.

  1. Faulty Insulation in Your Water Tank

Were any puddles around the toilet’s base something you noticed? Except if you have a child who hasn’t yet learned the art of aiming, you might be in possession of a faulty tank.

First and foremost, you should carry out your own inspection. Examine the tank from both the inside and the outside to ensure it is in good condition. The placement of the crack influences the need for repair. If it’s below the waterline, replace the tank. The majority of homeowners will then replace the entire toilet. Tank cracks, especially hairlines, are not usually visible. If you can’t see a crack, call a plumber Granite Bay to do a thorough inspection.

  1. Built-up Mineral Deposits

It is possible for hard water places to have mineral deposits in the water that build up in the intake holes and siphon tubes over time. Such a buildup can prevent water from flowing effectively, resulting in the toilet becoming less effective. In certain circumstances, chipping away at the buildup of deposits may be able to remove some of the deposits, although this is not always successful. If the accumulation becomes severe enough, your toilet may need to be replaced.

When it is required to replace a toilet, you should now be aware of the situation. Perhaps we’ve dispelled some of the mystery surrounding the toilet, which is the most often used fixture in your home. We can aid you in replacing your toilet if your toilet is regularly clogged or if your bathroom floor is constantly flooded by water. And, because we recognize that emergencies don’t often occur during business hours, New Flow Plumbing provides a 24-hour emergency service line that is available to take your call whenever you need us the most.

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