Do not continue flushing if the toilet is clogged. If the toilet is blocked, doing so will raise the water level, which could result in sewage overflowing onto your floor.

You’ll learn how to unclog a toilet using the methods outlined in this blog post in just a few easy steps and with items you probably already have.

Classic Plunger

Reaching in with a gloved hand and pulling out an item like a child’s toy might be possible. If not, you must use the plunger to clear the drain. Take a plunger that can seal the toilet’s trap way. Ensure the plunger is fully immersed in the water (add more if required), and press down firmly. To clear a clog, repeatedly press the plunger.

DIY Sewer Snake From A Wire Hanger

If the obstruction is severe enough, you may have to remove the object directly. A straightened metal coat hanger can serve as a substitute for a plunger. Insert the wire’s tip into the obstruction. Put some pressure on the garbage until it breaks loose and can be flushed away. Although a drain auger is preferable, a wire hanger can be used if necessary.

Liquid Soap

It’s never pleasant to plunge into a clogged toilet, but another solution exists. Dish soap can help you clear a blocked toilet. Soap’s slippery substance can act as a lubricant, easing the passage of debris stuck in the conduit. Drop half a cup into the bowl. If you find yourself without dish soap, you can use a bar of hand soap by simply chopping it up and flushing the pieces down the commode.

Baking Powder And Vinegar

You can use this natural remedy instead of dish detergent without a plunger. Combine one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar and pour into the toilet. Just give it half an hour to bubble away. The hot water technique is worth a shot if the clog does not dissolve.

Hot (Not Boiling) Water

Hot water is your best option if your toilet has developed a nasty clog or is refusing to flush. Heat some water, do not allow it to reach a rolling boil and fill a container. Don’t flush it immediately; give it a few minutes to see if it helps break up the clog. If the water begins to drain, your efforts have been successful. Then, it would help if you flushed the toilet several times. Hot water can often dislodge whatever is clogging a drain.

When To Call The Pros

When a plunger is ineffective in removing a clog from a toilet, it is time to contact a plumber. Sometimes no do-it-yourself solution will probably succeed in unclogging the commode because of the severity of the blockage. If you don’t see any results after five to ten minutes of using a different method, you probably won’t fix it. 

The longer you wait to fix a clogged toilet, the more damage you’ll cause. If you have a clog that won’t budge, call a professional at New Flow Plumbing. Get in touch with us right away if you need immediate assistance with a clogged toilet.


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