Many homeowners might not give their water heaters much thought until they stop working. After that, you’re confined to taking chilly showers until a professional can come out to fix your water heater. Therefore, it makes sense that many homeowners are unaware of those who fix water heaters. 

A licensed plumber is the first expert you should contact if your water heater is making odd noises like rattling and banging. One of the most recurrent problems with water heaters is noises, which usually signify silt buildup in the tank. Luckily, a plumber specializing in water heaters can fix this issue quickly. A plumber or professional who fixes water heaters is also necessary for other typical problems like leaks surrounding the heater or rusty water. However, issues unique to electric water heaters, such as tripped circuits, can necessitate an electrician’s visit. 

The following tips can guide you on the right path if you’re looking for information on who to call for water heater repair.

Licensed Plumbers Can Fix Water Heaters 

When you find issues with your water heater, the person you should contact right away is a qualified plumber. These experts have training in various water heater-related topics, including wiring, piping, heating elements, anode rods, and gas lines. If the issue is with the wiring of your water heater, a plumber can resolve it. A water heater leak, a lack of hot water, poor water pressure, rusty water, or weird noises originating from the heater can all be fixed by them. 

If your water heater leaks near the fitting, the problem might be as straightforward as a few loose nuts that need to be tightened around the heating element. To repair a water heater relatively quickly, plumbers should also be able to replace any rusted valves or recognize a malfunctioning pilot light. However, if the tank has corrosion, a plumber may try flushing it, or the tank may need to be replaced entirely.

Electrician for Electrical Problem

You can contact a certified electrician if it appears that the problem with the water heater is electrical. Depending on the severity of the water heater issue, homeowners with electric water heaters might want to think about calling an electrician first. If an electric water heater trips a circuit in the house, the wiring in the house is probably to blame rather than the heater itself. An overheating or blown water heater fuse box is another sign that you must contact a certified electrician. An electrician can also fix loose wiring, which can potentially make the reset button on your water heater trip.

In Summary

If you have to call a repair expert every few weeks or months, you should probably consider purchasing a new water heater. This is an excellent standard to follow. Because of the increased efficiency of more recent models, upgrading will undoubtedly result in significant cost savings for you. In any event, it is prudent to replace it before it fails to ensure that you will not be without hot water for an appreciable amount of time.

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