Fair Oaks, CA is a census-designated location within Sacramento County, California, USA. It is in the Roseville, Arden-Arcade-Sacramento Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is in the northwest part of California. The population at that time was around 30,000 at the last census, up from about twenty thousand at that time. The Fair Oaks, CA zip code is 95602 and its corresponding area code is 916 and its neighborhood numbers are 6 and 7. This place has been given the official title of “The Queen of California” because of its cosmopolitan population and cultural influence. Discover more about Roseville, CA here.

The town of Fair Oaks was originally founded back in the nineteen hundreds. The early pioneers settled here because it was near a bay. There are still some small farms around, but they are not as active as they used to be. The town’s original purpose was to build a large dam. Once they built the dam, they found that the bay had become too shallow for a large town. In order to fix the problem, they made the town larger and added more houses. This was done to prevent flooding, so the residents decided to build the beach. Discover facts about Reasons Why You Need to Take a Vacation in Folsom, California.



The main attractions in Fair Oaks, CA, USA are the Roseville Art Museum and the Fair Oaks Community Center. The art museum exhibits the different collections of local artists and the community center gives you the opportunity to socialize with the community in one place. The Fair Oak Community Center provides a place where you can take a class or learn something new. There are also plenty of activities to keep the kids busy. Some of the activities offered at the community center include cooking classes and arts and crafts workshops. There are also tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, dog parks, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The community center has a large, multi-purpose auditorium where you can watch live entertainment or catch the movie premier of an independent film.

Fair Oaks, CA, USA has a very interesting history. It was once a gold rush town. There were many miners who started the community as a mining center in the late nineteenth century. Then the gold rush became over during the 1930s and people abandoned the area. Only a few buildings from the mining era are still standing in this community. One of them is the Fair Oak Community Center, which used to be the headquarters of the United Mine Workers of America. It was here that President Roosevelt addressed the local miners and their families.

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