Loomis, CA is located about 23 miles outside of Sacramento.   This places it northeast of Roseville on Interstate 80. More can be found here.


Loomis: The Town of Many Names 

In 1861, a post office opened in this area and called it Placer. A year later they changed the name to Smithville, and a few years later changed it to Pino.  The railroad decided that Pino kept getting confused with Reno, so they finally settled on Loomis.  James Loomis was the saloon keeper, the express agent, the postmaster and the railroad agent all rolled into one person. Learn more about Granite Bay, CA: Movie Stars and Outdoor Adventure.


The Eggplant Festival?

Loomis has a community festival we bet you’ve never heard of before:  The Eggplant Festival! Here is where all things purple come together.  Don’t forget to wear purple clothes!  One of the things you can experience here is a Purple Kazoo Parade playing Yankee Doodle.  Then you can take a break for coffee and purple pumpkin muffins.  If you prefer, check out the Pancake Breakfast.  There is also an eggplant recipe giveaway.  There are three different stages featuring many different kinds of entertainment.  If the music moves you to dance there is a Hula contest.  In the Skeetz Zone you will find a Mechanical Bull, and a Rocky Mountain Slide. 

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