Rancho Cordova, CA is yet another suburb that has sprung up from an original Mexican land grant.  Ten miles outside of Sacramento, this city is south of Roseville.  Look here for more about Roseville, CA.



Sacramento, of course, is the largest employer in this area.  But Rando Cordova is actually the second largest employer of this area.  Many health-related companies contribute to the reason that Rancho Cordova is such an employment hot spot.  Rancho Cordova is home to Health Net, Vision Service Plan, Delta Dental, Dignity Health and Sutter Health. Click here to read about McClellan, CA:  What’s New.



Rancho Cordova not only provides you a great place to work, it also provides interesting nature exhibits. Nimbus Fish Hatchery is one of these interesting sites.  Before it was dammed, the nearby American River provided fish with 100 miles of stream where salmon and steelhead could spawn.  Then in 1958 when the river was damned to create Folsom Lake, the salmon and steelhead had nowhere to go.  So, the Nimbus Fish Hatchery was built to replace the lost spawning areas.  As you take a nature walk along the American River Parkway trail, you can see the fish, and you can learn all about the fish rearing ponds, called raceways.  

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