Don’t attempt an in-house DIY with a do-it-yourself kit when it comes to repiping services. Repiping is a way to boost the value of your property, clean up any lingering odors or mold, and add comfort and convenience. It’s a cost-saving measure as replacing old plumbing lines can be much less costly than repairing them, offering optimal performance. New Flow Plumbing provides repiping services in Sacramento homes and businesses. Our plumbers are highly trained professionals who offer this service in various scenarios, including installing new residential or commercial piping systems.

Repiping Services in Sacramento

Affordable Repiping Services in Sacramento

We think that cost and quality go hand in hand. For many years, we have offered our customers cost-effective repiping services, and we are honored that they continue to use us for their plumbing requirements. We can do this by staying current with the newest plumbing techniques and technology. Our prices are always affordable and reasonable, so you can rest assured that you will not be overcharged for any service we provide. Because of their training and expertise, our technicians always do tasks correctly.

Leading Commercial Repiping Services in Sacramento

New Flow Plumbing is completely licensed and insured, and we can offer top-notch service while upholding your peace of mind throughout the process. As long-time residents of the Sacramento region, we know what it takes to complete tasks successfully. With years of experience in commercial repiping services in Sacramento, our knowledgeable professionals can swiftly and effectively accomplish any project, allowing you to resume operating your business as soon as possible. We provide free quotations for all work our staff completes and are always accessible for emergency repairs around-the-clock, seven days a week. So give us a call right away!

Affordable Repiping Services in Sacramento

Frequently Asked Questions

We use high-quality PEX or copper and will discuss which option is best for your water system. No matter what type of pipe you select, our experts can handle the job. During your initial inspection, an estimator will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both types of pipes with you.

We do, indeed. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. All of our PEX repiping jobs come with a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor. We offer a lifetime warranty and work hard to satisfy our customers.

PEX is an abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene. There are numerous types and brands available. The simplest answer is that PEX is a type of plastic tubing used in home drinking systems. It is less difficult to install than copper, which often reduces the cost of the job. PEX is also environmentally friendly, but unlike copper, it is not recyclable when it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sacramento, the state capital, sits in the northern Central Valley region of California. The area around Sacramento has been home to Native Americans for a very long time—possibly thousands of years—before the arrival of the Spanish in the early 1800s. Sacramento is California’s most “hipster” city. The culture is modern and ever-changing, and the young population has as much (if not more) influence over what happens in the city as the men and women in suits.

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