About 3 miles north of Roseville, you will find the city of Rocklin, CA. Find further facts here.


Huff’s Spring

If you happen to be at the north end of Johnson Springview Park, you will find another park called Huff’s Spring. This is truly a “city” park – you can get to the spring by following a footpath right off Fifth Street downtown. Springview Middle School even has their soccer field right in this park.  Historically, this spring was used as a clean drinking water source through the late 1800’s. Read about Represa,CA:  The Place That’s Really a Prison here.

Union Granite Company Quarry

When you see the lake in front of the Placer/Rocklin Library, you are actually looking at the historical Union Granite Company Quarry, filled with water. Union Granite was a thriving business in the 1890’s.  But newer building materials became more popular and put the quarry out of business. 


Finnish Temperance Hall 

At the corner of Rocklin Road and South Grove Street stands the Finnish Temperance Hall.  Back when the quarries were flourishing, drinking was also flourishing.  In an effort to give quarry workers an alternative to getting drunk, the Finnish Temperance Hall was built in 1905.  It gave people a place to get together for social gatherings without alcohol.  

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