There are a lot of museums in Roseville, CA that will interest you. Whether you are visiting alone or with your family, some museums are quite interesting across town. There is a place for you if you prefer to take walks in these museums or sit down and view the arts. You can choose a museum to visit from this list. Roseville, CA can be seen here.

Roseville Telephone Museum

If you are looking for a fantastic history of the telephone, then the Roseville Telephone Museum is your place to visit. This museum has packed quite a bit of history about telephones. You can learn how to dial a rotary phone and see how the old switchboard used to work. There are also collections of arts about telephones that are also very useful for learning. Click here to read about Roseville, CA Is Full of Nature Parks.

Roseville Utility Exploration Center

This center promotes education to students, residents, and the community about energy and water conservation. It is an environmental center for learning which brings information to the visitor in a fun and engaging way. This place is so much of fun for children and adults with interesting facts about our environment and how to be a better steward to our planet.