Roseville, CA is home to many military officers. From the old times of civil wars, it was home to war veterans who took part in these wars. Some of the army posts used during the civil war and world wars were decommissioned and ever since remained merely as museums and forts. If you are curious and takes a keen interest in civil wars, military operations, then you can take a visit to this beautiful town. More can be found here.

Civil War Forts

Roseville, CA hosts some of the traditional civil war forts, which acted as military bases during the world wars. The sites served as defensive positions for the war veterans due to their strategic locations. Offgridmen is unique since it offers outdoor military clothing and equipment shop where you can access all military materials from classical times to modern times. Learn more about Roseville, CA Is Full of Exciting Activities.

Military Bases

With passion, we learn. If you want to have the best experience and look at how military bases look, consider visiting bases like Beale Air Force Base, Travis Air Force Base, and Roseville National Guard Armory. Roseville National Guard Armory is one of the oldest stations in history and considered one of the best even though it is no longer an army base. Still, you can visit this place and learn more about the military in general.