Sacramento is a booming metropolis in the northern half of the huge state of California.  It is located where the American River and the Sacramento River come together.  More facts can be seen here.


Sacramento was originally settled by various native American tribes.  It is believed that the Maidu, Modoc and Plains Miwok Indians lived in the area for thousands of years. Unfortunately, we have very little evidence of their lifestyle as they lived off the land.  By 1808, the Spanish explorers took over the lush lands and named it after “The Blessed Sacrament”:  Sacramento.   Then an American called John Sutter received a Mexican land grant and Americans came pouring in.  Next someone discovered gold at Sutter’s Mill and the place went crazy.  Learn more about Roseville, CA : Museums and Trails.

Sacramento Today

 Many other cities were the capital of California for a time:  Monterey, San Jose, Vallejo, and finally Benici were temporary capitals. After such a tumultuous past, Sacramento finally settled down and is quite civilized these days. Being the capital of California, it is the home of the California State Legislature and the home of the governor.  Sacramento is also now home to many famous schools:  The McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento State University, and the University of California, Davis. 

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