Because we expect our plumbing to work well, many people don’t recognize the warning signs of a problem. A professional inspection can help you avoid expensive damage by detecting potential issues before they become serious. Our team’s advanced sewer camera inspection in El Dorado Hills, CA, allows us to diagnose the condition of your pipes with pinpoint accuracy. We can visually inspect underneath the ground, so you will know if there are tree roots, grease build-up, or any other obstructions before it’s too late. We can then provide a repair plan that meets your needs and budget.

Sewer Camera Inspection In El Dorado Hills

Best Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Our team has over years of experience with sewer systems and plumbing, so you can feel at ease that we will do a thorough job for you. We can evaluate your system from above or below ground using a camera. This allows us to see exactly what’s happening with your pipes so we can better assess whether they need repair or replacement. We are experienced and knowledgeable about all types of sewer systems. We understand how they’re designed and built, as well as how they function when they’re working correctly. This signifies that when you hire us for your sewer camera inspection services, you’ll know that we’ll be able to give you accurate information about what needs to be done—and how much it will cost—to fix whatever problems are present in your system.

Sewer Inspection Camera Near You

You’re busy, and you want things done right now. Sewer video inspection can’t be rushed, but you still want to know what’s going on, what would require replacement, and the potential expense. That’s where we come in. Our inspections are more accurate, cost-effective, and safer (than traditional dig sites). No excavations are required, so there are no dump fees and no need for permits!

We pride ourselves on providing the best sewer camera inspection in El Dorado Hills, CA. Our team includes licensed plumbers with decades of experience under their belts! Because we are aware of the methods that do and do not work when it comes to repairing sewage systems, we can consistently provide you with the highest quality of service in any situation. We’ll take a look at the problem, provide a video report of our findings, and offer an estimate to fix what needs fixing. You can rely on us for unbiased advice, expert knowledge, and fast service.

Best Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Any plumbing situations in your home or company should be addressed immediately, and we’re here to help. New Flow Plumbing is a reliable plumbing company that offers high-quality sewer camera inspection in Gold River; our assistance includes the following:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your network’s central hub as well as all of its outlying nodes.
  • A complete report outlining everything we found (and didn’t find) throughout our time spent inspecting your plumbing.
  • A straightforward evaluation of the state of your pipes and a quote for the cost of fixing them.
Best Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Sewer Inspection Camera With Locator

We use the latest technology in our plumbing services and are always looking for ways to improve our work to increase efficiency and quality. We have invested in a new sewer inspection camera with a locator that allows us to locate and repair your plumbing issues quickly and easily. This is a great asset in helping you get back on track with your life!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • No more digging in the ground. These cameras can go up to 20 feet deep and can be used in any weather. They are also waterproof and have a remote control, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.
  • They can also inspect your drains, pipes, and sewer lines inside your house. They come with a built-in locator, so you know exactly where you will be drilling into when you need to repair something broken down there. You won’t have any issues locating it under the ground before making any repairs or replacements because it will show you exactly where it is located before doing anything else.
Sewer inspection with camera

Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection Cost

We’re also committed to offering our clients the best prices, so you’ll never have to worry about spending too much money on your sewer camera inspection services when we’re done. If the pipes can be accessible through a cleanout, a sewer camera examination costs an average of $299 for commercial buildings and $149 for residential properties. If pipes must be accessible from a different location, such as a vent stack or a toilet, it usually costs roughly $299 for residential houses and $399 for commercial ones.

Please call us whenever you have questions or desire a free estimate.

Schedule Your Sewer Camera Inspection Today!

At New Flow Plumbing, we offer an affordable sewer camera inspection in El Dorado Hills, CA. Our team of licensed plumbers uses state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to inspect your sewer lines, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your pipes are working correctly. Our services are available to you at any time of day or night, so we can schedule your appointment whenever it’s best for you. We have been providing quality services in El Dorado Hills, so we know what it takes to have your home safe and functional. Our goal is to really help you maintain your plumbing system so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Get in touch with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

A sewer camera inspection is the most efficient way to identify problems in your plumbing system. It can clearly show you what’s going on inside the pipes and help pinpoint exactly where there might be a problem.

A sewer camera inspection takes between 30 minutes and one hour. The length of time depends on the size of your plumbing system and how many areas need to be inspected. You may also have some repairs done during that time, which will add to the total length of the process.

No! Our cameras are safe for use in any type of pipe—so you can monitor what’s going on inside your system without worrying about causing damage.

We can inspect sewer lines and underground pipes using a waterproof camera to look for problems such as root incursion from trees, broken pipe sections—and damaged components.

For a sewer camera inspection in El Dorado Hills, call New Flow Plumbing at (916) 776-5632. We’ll come to your house, listen to your concerns, and set up the time for an inspection; if we need anything from you—we’ll let you know upfront.

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