Wherever you are in Roseville, it is a bad idea to put off cleaning your pipes. When you don’t clean your plumping, it can result in serious consequences.

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Sewer Clean

Importance of Sewer Cleaning

Sewer lines help carry wastewater from your home into underground sewer mains. Commonly, we give little thought to the state of our sewer lines until an issue occurs.

Sewer lines should have a regular check-up before they end up causing a major headache.

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Sewer Cleaning Process

The process of sewer cleaning involves the removal of built-up debris. Other stuff could block your sewer such as leaves, grease, grit, sand, plastic bags, rags, etc.

Cleaning could also take care of obstructions such as tree roots from the sewer system.


Inspection is important before even starting with sewer cleaning or repair. You need to investigate the extent of blockage or build-up to do a thorough job.


After the inspection, your hired experts should start with cleaning. There are different ways to clean your sewer.

The different methods of sewer cleaning are:

  • hydraulic cleaning
  • mechanical cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning

Hydraulic cleaning is done with the help of water. A nozzle is inserted into the access point nearest to the blockage. After that, water is released at high pressure. This forces the blockage into the main sewer system.

One effective way of cleaning your pipes is hydro-jetting. It is perhaps the most efficient way to clear your pipes. Doing this will clean your sewer without damaging the surrounding areas and infrastructures.

Mechanical cleaning uses power rodders, hand rods, and hand-held drain augers. These tools can help cut, scrape, pull and push the debris out of your sewer pipe. This can efficiently cut blockage like roots and even shred large blocks of collected debris.

This operation usually requires a follow-up with hydraulic cleaning. This is because mechanical cleaning is more effective in clearing blockages than cleaning.

Chemical sewer cleaning is often used to control root growth. It is also a great solution to cut through grease, remove odors, as well as eliminate rodents and insects.

Just make sure to use only government-approved chemicals.

Keeping Your Sewer Clean In Roseville

New Flow Plumbing is top-rated for its sewer service in Roseville. We will gladly update you about your sewer line and locate where the trouble is coming from.

We can even do this without having to dig up your yard. New Flow Plumbing can conduct sewer camera inspections for you. This will give you an overall evaluation of the condition of your pipes.

This inspection will help us present options for sewer line repair. It will also identify if a sewer line replacement is needed. Give New Flow Plumbing a call and we’ll be with you —day or night.


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