Every person eventually experiences a plumbing problem. The good news is that those worries sometimes have simple answers: regular clogs or blockages. But sometimes, it’s not that simple.


Using video cameras to inspect sewage lines is one of the most useful developments in plumbing technology in recent decades. You and your plumber may monitor the condition of your pipes in real-time with a high-tech camera on a wire that is fed all the way down your drains and into your sewage system. 

Here are five benefits of sewer camera inspection to consider:

1.Avoid Digging In Your Yard

Finding the source of a leak can be challenging. Wet ground isn’t necessarily seen just over a leak. Soil and elevation changes might divert water far from the issue area. When dealing with this issue, a lot of time and effort may be wasted hunting around for the leak, and there is no assurance that you will have found the lone leak. Before beginning any excavating, your expert can use a camera inspection to find all leaks.

2.Inspections and Value Estimations for Homes

It is prudent to spend money on a house inspection prior to making a purchase. A house inspector may find issues that a buyer or even an experienced real estate agent misses. Before the advent of sewage pipe camera examinations, buyers and sellers sometimes had to rely only on the seller’s word to determine whether or not the drains were in good working order. There will be no surprises with a pre-purchase visual check.

3.Can Serve As A Protective Measure

For a homeowner, nothing is more frustrating than wondering whether or not repairs will be necessary and when those repairs could be needed. The water heater and the dishwasher can both be visibly inspected, but the sewage pipes cannot. But not in the same sense. Using cameras in inspection makes it possible to do this sort of visual inspection.

4.To Put It Simply, It’s Cheaper

Numerous factors add up to make camera inspections of sewage pipes a cost-effective option. If you prepare ahead, you may avoid disasters like a sewage backlog and the ensuing high repair costs. If your brand-new house requires maintenance down the road, you’ll know about it in advance. Additionally, pinpointing the exact source of a leak makes fixing it much less hassle and much quicker.

5.Avoid Property Damage

Some sewer line problems are serious enough to endanger your property and health. If toxic sewer water backs up into your home or business or floods your landscaping, you may face a serious health hazard that will be costly to remediate. A video sewer inspection can detect potential issues before they become massive wastewater leaks. If a flaw is discovered, your plumber can go over your options with you.

You may be interested in scheduling a professional sewer camera inspection to find out what’s going on down there. At New Flow Plumbing, we have the equipment, tools, and skills to handle all of your sewage problems and handle the necessary repairs and replacements to ensure that you have a trouble-free sewage system. Our sewer camera inspections can make all the difference to avoid major repairs in the future. Contact us now!

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