The foundation of your plumbing system is made up of drainage pipes. It’s time to clean them if you notice any strange sounds coming from them, if they flush slowly, or if there is an unpleasant odor. The lateral sewer lines that exit your home are connected to every pipe, whether it is in the kitchen sink, shower, or toilet. Here are the guides on how to clean your plumbing pipes.

Use Bacterial Drain Cleaner

You can buy household items like bacterial drain cleansers to avoid putting any work into cleaning your pipes. As the name implies, this solution can kill bacteria like baking soda. Biological or bacterial drain cleaners take longer to work than chemical cleaners but are safer for you, your plumbing, and the environment. Use them sparingly because doing so could damage your pipes. Cleaning agents with harsh chemicals eat away at the interior of your tubes, making them vulnerable to breakage, which is something you need your lines for.

Remove Grease Buildup

Hot water and salt are necessities to successfully remove grease from your plumbing lines by melting them. The heated water helps dissolve some of the oils that have built up inside the pipes, causing them to become restricted. Because of the abrasive nature of salt, it acts as a natural cleaning agent and causes more oily accumulation to be scrubbed away from the surface. This mixture of cleaners makes it feasible for drain pipes to function more freely by removing the buildup that causes clogs and preventing them.

Use Enzyme Cleaner

You can clean your drain pipes quickly and efficiently with an enzyme cleaner. Not only do enzyme cleaners come in various forms, but they also serve various purposes. Others clean up drainage lines effectively, while others remove pet dander or stains. Once you have the enzyme cleaner, utilize it according to the manufacturer’s directions by pouring it down a sizable drain in your home. Your home should have a sizable floor drain in the kitchen and bathrooms. Through a biological process, these enzymes enter your gutters and clean your pipes. Though it will take time, the wait is worthwhile.

Use Long Wire Hook

It’s common for the pipes in the bathroom to become clogged with hair, other small items, or a combination of the two. Insert the hook made at the end of the long piece of wire by bending it with pliers into a smaller shape. A long wire hook clears the drain of the hair, and debris obstructs its flow, restoring its ability to function normally and cleaner pipe. 

Final Thoughts

Many of us believe that our sewer lines or plumbing pipes don’t require cleaning because we can’t see them, but these require your serious attention because if you don’t, instead of spending money to fix them, you might also need to spend more to replace them. Contact New Flow Plumbing for further details and assistance with your plumbing issues. We can always assist you and provide quality service for your plumbing issues. Contact us immediately!

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