One thing that you can always be able to depend on is the toilet being able to flush whenever it is required to do so. But life is unfair, and sometimes when you go to the restroom in the middle of the night, you find yourself standing in a pool of water from the toilet. You are standing helplessly in your bathroom, staring at the water flooding the room.

The great news is that a reasonably simple manner can fix overflow. Taking a few precautionary steps can undo any damage.

Is It The Bowl Or The Tank That Overflows In A Toilet?

The tank or the bowl is the correct response to the question, but occasionally both. Clogs are caused by introducing any foreign object too large to pass through the opening. The last and most significant reason your toilet could overflow is a mechanical problem in the tank that is located above the bowl. If this problem occurs, the toilet will be unable to stop flushing and will overflow.

If your toilet overflows, the following emergency plumbing guide will explain what steps to take next.

1.Attempt To Turn Off The Water Supply To The Toilet

You’ll need to turn off the bowl’s faucet supplying water. You can complete this by identifying the main shutoff valve on the toilet, which is typically placed beneath the tank toward the back of the fixture. If you can do so, turn the valve, so it is closed. Because the valve may have remained unused for many years, it may now be stuck in the closed position. 

2.Plug The Drain To Stop Water From Leaking Out Of The Tank

If your valve does not turn, you will have to stop the flow of water from within the tank itself. Take off the lid and inspect the flapper, which is the rubber disc that covers the hole in the tank’s base. If the flapper is showing, make sure to shut it.

3.Attempt To Remove The Clog From The Toilet

The next thing you’ll need to do is deal with the root of the emergency plumbing problem, which is the clog in the toilet. Start by using the plunger. If that does not work, you might be able to get the clog cleared by using a plumbing snake or auger. Have no auger? The clog in the toilet may be removed by using a few squirts of dish soap and followed up with one gallon of hot (but not boiling) water. Alternately, you could use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water from the bowl and remove the obstruction simultaneously.

4.Place An Urgent Service Call For Plumbing Repairs

Who can blame those who decide to leave it in the hands of a dependable, experienced plumber? Anything involving the toilet is disgusting, and overflowing water is no exception. Please don’t freak out no matter how or when it happens! Your go-to neighborhood plumber is here to advise on what to do if your toilet overflows. Get in touch with a plumbing repair service available around the clock for prompt assistance.

New Flow Plumbing‘s team of experts is ready to assist customers whenever they need it, day or night. Call us to receive the best plumbing emergency repair you require.

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