Touchless faucets and other plumbing fixtures are not a recent invention; they date back to the 1970s! Touchless faucets were more famous than ever when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020 as we battled to stay clean and contain the virus’s spread.

For both homes and businesses, installing touchless faucets is a wise investment.

Touchless Fixtures: What Are They?

Any plumbing fixture that doesn’t need to be manually turned on is considered a touchless fixture. It is also known as “touch-free,” “no-touch,” or “hands-free” fixtures. It is one of the most recent trends in plumbing. The flushometers and hands-free faucets are examples that have built-in sensors that can detect when a user is nearby and automatically turn on and off the water when that happens.

Let’s examine some of these fixtures’ best benefits.

1. It Is Effective Against Germs

Germs seem to be everywhere, including in bathrooms and kitchens. It’s easy to forget that whatever germs customers have on their hands can easily be transferred to a faucet and toilet grip handles. The same germs stay on the surfaces until the next wash, passing with each visitor and hand washing. Consider this: if you have to turn on the faucet to wash your hands after using the restroom, you have already touched the faucet transferring germs to the faucet. Yikes!

Because there are no handles to contaminate, installing touchless fixtures will help you win the war against germs.

2. It Is Convenient

With a touchless faucet, there’s no need to worry about running faucets or the destructive ways people will flush toilets. Another benefit of hands-free fixtures is that they pose no difficulties for people who suffer from arthritis or hand injuries.

A traditional faucet with handles, knobs, or levers is exposed to much twisting and turning daily. Still, with a touchless system, there is less wear and tear on the fixture and its parts.

3. Affordable And Environmentally Friendly

A touchless faucet can significantly lower your water bill by saving you hundreds of gallons of water annually because it automatically turns on and off. With this system, there is no way to leave the water running while washing your hands. Hands-free fixtures help homeowners conserve water while performing daily tasks like shaving and hygiene. The tap is completely closed when it shuts off by itself. In other words, this solves the common issues with leaks and overflows in commercial plumbing.

4. It Is Simpler To Maintain

The faucet will remain cleaner longer than a standard faucet would because you aren’t touching it. Additionally, your fixtures will have fewer parts to maintain and less wear and tear. Touchless fixtures can significantly simplify or eliminate the need to replace the entire fixture, replace worn or damaged moving parts, and clean the handles.

5. It Promotes Safety

Due to the ease of hands-free activation, touchless fixtures make it simple to complete tasks. For example, you could rinse a pan under the faucet and have the water automatically turn off when you move the pan out of the sink area. This fixture enables you to safely use both hands while lowering your risk of injuries or accidents.

The plumbing professionals at New Flow Plumbing are happy to assist if you need assistance installing one in your home or building to best meet your needs. Buy your hands-free fixtures anywhere, and we’ll install them for you to guarantee that your plumbing is done the first time correctly!


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