Plumbing is one of the most important parts of any building. Not only does it provide the means to bring in freshwater, but it also takes away wastewater, offering a safe and reliable way for people to live. When something goes wrong with the plumbing, it can be a nightmare for property owners, especially for those that have a large number of tenants that rely on a working system. As your trusted professional plumber we’ve provided some plumbing tips for commercial and residential settings.

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If you have a commercial establishment, you know how important it is to ensure that your plumbing system is in prime condition. A healthy business environment depends on the proper functioning of all systems, including the plumbing. In fact, a faulty plumbing system can be disastrous for your company because it can lead to water damage or even an infectious disease outbreak. The plumbing system in your home is just as important as the one in your office. In fact, it may be more so because it’s directly related to the health and comfort of your family members. 

Here are some tips to keep your commercial and residential plumbing system in good working order:

1.Regularly Maintain Your Plumbing

Your commercial and residential plumbing system needs regular maintenance to ensure its overall health and efficiency. This should be done at least once a year or twice if your building or house is experiencing heavy traffic. A trained plumber can thoroughly check over your system and identify any issues to fix before they become problems.

2.Fix Leaks as Soon as Possible

If you notice leaks in your plumbing, then it’s best to get them fixed as soon as possible. Not only will leaks wastewater, but they can also lead to more serious problems, such as water damage, mold growth, and bacteria buildup.

3.Install Proper Backflow Protection

Public water supply plumbing systems, such as those in schools and hospitals, require backflow prevention devices. These devices prevent dirty water from the public source from entering the building’s plumbing system, which reduces the risk of an infectious disease outbreak.

4.Use Water-Efficient Appliances

To save money on your utility bill and protect the environment, you should use high-efficiency appliances in your commercial establishment as well as in your home. Water-efficient appliances produce less waste while still getting the job done right!

5.Always Clean Drains Properly

You should always keep these drains free from grease and food particles so that they will not plug up and cause water flow problems. A drain snake can be used to clear any obstructions that may build in this area. Additionally, ensure that no food debris remains on utensils prior to cleaning them in sinks or dishwashers, as this may cause clogs in your drains. 


We hope that you have found this blog helpful and that it’s relieved some of your concerns about tackling a plumbing issue in your home or business. New Flow Plumbing is the premier plumbing service for all of your plumbing needs. We have been in the industry for a number of years, and we are more than ready to help you with your projects. Our competitive rates and ultra-fast response time makes New Flow Plumbing the clear choice when it comes to plumbing solutions.

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