Sitting 23 miles outside of Sacramento you will find the rural, unincorporated community of El Dorado Hills, CA, southeast of Roseville.

El Dorado Hills was only 18 miles from the original “gold rush” site of Coloma, California, where gold washed down the south fork of the American River. People flocked to the area thinking they would make a fortune, until they found out how much work it takes! Discover more about Roseville, CA here.

Planned Community

In the early 1960’s a developer took an interest in the area and decided to build a master-planned community.  It was originally planned to be a group of residential villages with a business park, an 18-hole golf course, parks, schools, and commercial areas.  Villages were planned to have open space between them for recreational opportunities.  

This plan worked out very well – people continue to relocate from Sacramento and surrounding areas to El Dorado Hills even today.  Housing prices and median income for this area are much higher than the Sacramento area as a whole.  El Dorado Hills is one of the highest income communities for its size range in the entire United States, but this fact is seldom mentioned since the area is still unincorporated.  The only places with higher median household incomes are Potomac, Maryland, and Danville, California.  Discover facts about Sacramento, CA:  Capital of California.

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