Fair Oaks, CA is located between Sacramento and Folsom.  Southwest of Roseville, the community is bounded on the south by the American River. Roseville, CA can be seen here.


As with most communities in California, Fair Oaks started out as part of a land grant.  This land grant was made in 1844 and was called the Rancho San Juan Mexican land grant.  Covered in citrus trees, two businessmen tried to make Fair Oaks into an agricultural development.  By 1897 about 300 permanent settlers lived in Fair Oaks and purchased land in 5 to 20-acre tracts.  Fair Oaks never really took hold as an agricultural area, so other businessmen advertised Fair Oaks as merely a great place to live. When the railroad came Fair Oaks finally began to thrive. Click here to read about Elverta, CA: A Beautiful Slice of Nature.


Today Fair Oaks boasts many bike trails across the area.  The most famous one is known as the American River Parkway bike trail.  In 1955 a rocket-engine producing company called Aerojet built a new facility near Fair Oaks in Rancho Cordova.  This helped the economy improve, but things didn’t really pick up until the construction of the Sunrise Boulevard Bridge.  This allowed residents to drive to surrounding communities and into Sacramento in order to find employment. 

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