Folsom, CA is about 18 miles outside of Sacramento, CA.  It is located southeast of Roseville. Visit this link for more information.


Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

Even though Folsom is most famous for its former jail, the most interesting thing about Folsom is the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary.  Located in the heart of Folsom, this little-known sanctuary has a big heart for animals. The sanctuary was founded in 1963 when the superintendent of the nearby Folsom Park agreed to accept a baby bear that had been orphaned and burned in a forest fire.

The superintendent, Gordon Brong, had been keeping some deer and a coyote in an area around the park office and people would come to see them.  Brong was able to get the city of Folsom to help him set up a sanctuary to accept the little bear.  Many of the animals at the sanctuary today have been injured and had nowhere else to go.  The animals are cared for until they heal and then are allowed to stay at the sanctuary for life.

Children learn a lot about empathy from these rescued animals. There is even a small playground for when the kids get tired of animals.  Or they can ride a miniature train ride to rest their tiny feet.  Read about Fair Oaks, CA: A Thriving Suburb here.

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