The things we know may not be the most excellent remedy for our home’s plumbing problems. Attempting to solve the problem your way may intensify it further and may jeopardize your safety. Occasionally, you may not even be aware that there is an issue. We at New Flow Plumbing don’t want to complicate issues for you down the road, so we’ve compiled a list of the hidden indicators of plumbing problems in your house so you can determine when it’s time to bring in a professional.

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Every faucet or shower will have poor drainage at some time due to accumulated material such as hair or soap scum, but when pipes throughout the house become slow to drain, you may have a blockage in the main sewage line. Alternatively, this could indicate a ruptured pipe or pooled water in the main drain that has not been adequately emptied. This type of stagnant water is hazardous to health, and broken pipes indicate that water or mildew may have accumulated behind walls. Avoid utilizing the old wire coat hanger with which you’ve been attempting to unclog the drain. Rather than wasting time that goes by and possibly damaging the interior of your pipes in the process, make the call. This is considered a plumbing 911 emergency, so if you are anywhere in Roseville, CA, contact New Flow Plumbing immediately if you suspect a clogged sewage line.


If you switch on the hot water for the first time that day and receive just cold water, you have a problem. Most especially in winter, you always desire a hot shower but discover that the only option available at your house is a bone-chilling one. This is almost certainly due to an issue with your water heater, which may have developed a leak or been incapable of maintaining a steady temperature. Your system may be completely destroyed or may only require minor maintenance. In either case, it’s recommended to contact a New Flow Plumbing plumber to evaluate the problem and advise you on your next actions.

These systems may contain electrical and gas components that should be installed by an expert to avoid putting your body or home at risk.


When you use your shower or faucet to its maximum setting, water should flow out steadily. If in the other way around, you have low pressure, a slow drop, or even no water, you have a problem. When you’ve already spent nearly an hour in the shower rinsing your body of soap? Often, it is due to insufficient water pressure. While low water pressure can detract from what should be a rejuvenating shower, it turns out that it can be more than an irritation. Low pressure could be an indication that your pipes are clogged. If your home’s water pressure suddenly drops, contact a plumber to ascertain the cause.


Dark patches on the ceiling are more than an eyesore; they could be an indication of a water leak right above. Prior to repairing the ceiling, locate and repair the source of the leak. If the sink or shower continues to drip, either the water pressure is too high, or the excess water after you turn off the tap is not draining properly. Another possibility is that the valve that controls the on/off setting for the faucets or shower head is faulty. If left untreated, this might cause irreversible damage to your plumbing. Call a plumber immediately if you detect an unexpected spike in your water bill.


A running toilet, on the other hand, indicates that something more serious is occurring within your plumbing system. Hours ago, you flushed the toilet. Therefore, how come it is still running? This is one of those troubles that can sneak up on you and go unnoticed for a long, as it does not generate a great deal of noise. If your tank is continuously being refilled with water, your water bill will increase in tandem. Your toilet tank and bowl are connected by a seal. When this seal is compromised in any way, water leaks in, signaling the tank to continually replenish, this explains the running sound you hear down the hall. Your plumber can resolve this issue, providing you with the necessary silence and peace of mind.


When you turn on your water, the water should come out of the pipes crystal clear. If it turns out differently, you have a problem. If your water is cloudy or white, this indicates that there is air in your pipes. Brown, red, or yellow water indicates rust in your pipes, which is frequently caused by nearby water main breaks or if your pipes are very old. Green water indicates that the copper plumbing has rusted, whereas blue water indicates that the corrosion has reached an advanced stage. If any of these colors appear in place of clean water, there is a significant problem that could be dangerous to you, and you should immediately contact your plumber in Roseville, CA.


With the exception of the sound of running water, your pipes should be rather silent. However, if you hear rattling in your pipes, especially immediately after shutting off a valve, it could be a “water hammer.” This happens when the flow of water abruptly ceases or changes direction, generating a shock wave that may result in pounding noises and rattled loose pipes. High water pressure or, in older homes, flooded air chambers in your plumbing system could be possible culprits. Poorly fastened pipes can also generate rattling noises. There is an issue if you hear knocking in your pipes while showering, running the faucet, or filling the bathtub. Numerous factors might contribute to pipe knocking, including “water hammer,” which occurs when a pipe is pressurized following use. Additionally, leaking valves in the pipe system, unsecured support straps, and water pressure greater than 60 PSI are detrimental. They can cause your pipes to shift and yank in their mountings, which, if left uncorrected, can result in a leak and cause the pipes to bend if they become detached from their mountings.


Burst pipes are one of the more visible indicators of a more serious situation. One of the most obvious signs that your pipes have burst is if you have water gushing into the house but can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Increased water consumption is another sign of a leak, so monitor your monthly bill for any anomalies. This is absolutely one of those issues that you should not attempt to resolve on your own. On the other hand, if you make an effort to look for the leak yourself, the time wasted could exacerbate the problem, even if the water is shut off at the main valve.

A licensed plumber here in Roseville, CA, has the expertise to find the damaged pipe, which may be hidden behind walls or underground. Pipes are especially prone to rupture during the winter when water freezes and expands against the walls of the pipes.


Unusual odors are another frequently used indicator that something is awry. Let’s face it, kitchens and bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs, which can produce some unusual odors. However, a persistent bad odor emerging from drains could be a symptom of a sewer line blockage or rupture. Occasionally, backups or clogs can produce odors that pervade the region, making it impossible to remain in the vicinity. Additionally, foul odors might be created by broken sewage pipes or clogged pipes. Whatever the reason, odors are a strong indicator of a plumbing issue.


Have you developed a fear of going downstairs whenever a heavy downpour occurs? If your basement continues to be wet, do not dismiss it or believe it is due to the weather.

Your plumber will be able to point to the source of the leak, which will assist you in ruling out rainfall or other potential causes. While inadequate insulation and weatherproofing may be a factor, leaking pipes could also be a significant factor. Bear in mind that resolving this issue is critical, as germs thrive in a damp atmosphere. This means that the water at your feet is not the sole source of concern. Mold is also a respiratory irritant and can contribute to a variety of respiratory health problems in you and your family.

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