Gas Hot Water Heaters are still widely used across the Roseville, despite the rapid emergence of Tankless Water Heaters in the last few years. Tank Type Water Heaters come in different sizes, 40 gallon, 50 gallon, 75 gallon and 100 Gallon capacity. Most manufacturers offer several years of limited warranty, when it is installed properly by California Plumbing Code. Like any other plumbing fixtures, after years of usage, Hot Water Heaters are prone to have minor or major issues that will require water heater repair.

A common issue with Gas Hot Water Heaters is the thermocouple (pilot) problem. Many customers describe this problem as ‘the pilot won’t stay on.’ Sometimes the pilot goes off due to a leakage in the tank. First, the Water Heater base should be checked to rule out that there is no water dripping from the tank. Secondly, the gas supply line needs to be checked to make sure there is a gas supply going to the Water Heater. A prescreening process must be done by a qualified plumber to correctly detect the issue of the Water Heater. Gas and water shut off valves must be turned off before beginning any trouble shooting. If no water leak is present at the base of the Water Heater, and the gas supply to the unit is proper, then the Thermocouple issue is usually fixable.  This problem can be fixed by replacing the thermocouple with a new one. It should be replaced by an experienced and professional plumber so as to avoid any complications while disassembling and assembling the front base structures of the Water Heater. After the replacement of the thermocouple, if the problem still exists, the control valve of the Water Heater may not be functioning properly.

Control valves of Gas Water Heaters are not usually sold at regular hardware stores. Sometimes plumbing supplies might carry some of the particular brand control valves, depending on the serial number and the model number of the Water Heater.  Other times shipping might be required from the manufacturer. Replacing the control valve is a more complicated process than replacing the thermocouple of the Water Heater, so hiring the right plumber is a worthwhile.

In conclusion, thermocouple and control valve issues of Gas Water Heaters are usually fixable. After the right troubleshooting and the right diagnosis of the Water Heater problem, it can be fixed by a skilled plumber who specializes in water heater repair. Fix to last, Flow it Fast!

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