Water heating accounts for at least 25% of the energy that is consumed in most homes. There are a number of brands and companies that manufacture water heaters and the market is flooded with innumerable types of these heating systems. Call a reliable plumber in Roseville for more details about this.

Roseville Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair

However, you must be cautious while choosing the appropriate system for your pool or your home. It is important to adopt energy-saving strategies while choosing your heaters.

Selection Process

This is the most important aspect that you should be doubly sure about when you pick up water heaters for your home. These heaters must not only provide hot water but they must do so without consuming a lot of electricity. This will help cut down on operating costs as well as your monthly electricity bills.

Important Strategies

There are many ways you can bring down your water heating bills. A good plumber in Roseville will tell you all about energy-efficiency in your hot water heater as well. All you need to do is to adopt some of these simple strategies in your day-to-day lives:

  • Reduce the consumption and usage of hot water. Fix leaky taps and fixtures and stop wastage of hot water. Install low-flow fixtures and look for energy saving star labels when you purchase your dishwasher, washing machine or any other electrical equipment that requires hot water.
  • Just lowering your thermostat setting can help cut down energy bills. For every 10 degree Fahrenheit reduction, you can save anywhere from 3% to 5% on energy costs. Reduce the setting to 120 degree Fahrenheit. This will reduce the buildup of mineral wastes and prevent corrosion of your water heaters as well as the pipes.
  • Insulating your storage water heater tank will reduce standby heat losses which amounts to around 25% to 45%. This amounts to about 4% to 9% reduction in water heating costs.
  • Insulating hot water pipes can reduce heat loss while raising the water temperature to 2 degrees to 4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Installing heat traps can help prevent loss of heat and will help you save at least around $15 to $30 on your water heating bills.
  • Installing a timer in your electric water heater will help cut costs as it will turn it off at night when there is less hot water usage.
  • Around 80% to 90% of the energy used to heat up the water in every home literally goes down the drain. The drain water or the grey water heat recovery systems help capture this heat and use it to preheat cold water and thereby saving energy.

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