Leaves are falling off the trees, a cool breeze is in the air, and people are shopping for warm clothing in the stores. This means that winter is on its way, and it’s time to perform a routine home inspection!

People typically take out their winter clothing from the closet when the weather turns chilly. Don’t forget about your sewer lines while you’re at it!

When it comes to winter home maintenance, sewer line maintenance is commonly the most forgotten task. Unless there’s a problem, we hardly ever pay attention to our sewer lines. However, serious issues could arise if you ignore your sewer lines this winter. Want to know why? Here are some explanations why you might need to inspect your sewer lines before the winter.

Frozen Sewer Pipe

Frozen Sewer Pipe

The ground frequently freezes and melts due to temperature changes in the environment. Your sewer lines are affected by these changes. The pipes may freeze if the temperature falls below the freezing point. Your home’s water drainage will be severely impacted by this.

It’s best to ensure this won’t happen to you before winter arrives. If that happens, consider all the time you will need to spend outside supervising plumbers. Nobody wants to replace or repair sewer pipes in freezing temperatures.

Leaking Pipes And Lines

Under ground pipe leak

For sewer systems, the months leading up to winter can be a nightmare. This is because the pipes’ irregular expansion and contraction brought on by the high heat cause cracks. Low temperatures cause sewer pipes to contract, and as a result, a small gap may grow larger and pose a threat to a homeowner. It’s crucial to inspect your pipes before winter sets in if you intend to travel for the holidays. If your sewage system is secured beforehand, you won’t have to consider problems like flooding and water leaks. This allows you to concentrate on delicious food and enjoyable family time.

Broken Disposal

Broken Disposal

As winter approaches, we begin to plan for the holiday season, including Christmas and everything in between, which means a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Baking, as well as cooking for the holidays, puts a strain on your sewer lines and disposal units. Your kitchen drains are constantly clogged with grease, oil, and small food particles. Who would want to skip the festivities due to a disposal unit issue? That is why it is essential to inspect your disposal before winter arrives.

Professional Sewer Line Inspection Before Winter

Suppose you want to make your winters more delightful and cozy with a warm drink without dealing with home maintenance issues, expert. In that case, experienced plumbers are trained to recognize potential sewer pipe issues in your area during the winter.

It’s crucial to check your sewer lines before winter to perform preventive maintenance. New Flow Plumbing wants to help you make the most of this winter. We want your home to be comfy, cozy, and functional. For any sewer line needs, contact our skilled plumbers.

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