For many individuals, the kitchen sink is a need for washing, cleaning, and food preparation. Unfortunately, clogged sinks might slow down your kitchen efficiency. Kitchen sink clogs might be difficult to locate on your own. Inspection of drain connections within walls is common. If you can’t find the clog, call a professional plumber for assistance. 

Double Kitchen Sink

Your Kitchen Sink Pipes Are Clogged

Food, filth, grease, and hair all go down the drain when you use the kitchen sink frequently. Some of this debris will travel through the pipes unhindered, but others may get caught. This deposit narrows the pipe entrance, making it difficult for water to flow freely. As the issue increases, the water is forced back up the sink drain.

Sink traps are particularly prone to clogging. While the sink trap is an effective way to stop sewer gas, it is prone to accumulation. The accumulation restricts the flow of water to a crucial point. This clogs the kitchen sink.

Your Dishwasher Is Too Powerful

Have you lately bought a new dishwasher? This could explain the clogged kitchen sink. This happens because your dishwasher and kitchen sink share a pipe. When your dishwasher drains, water may re-enter the kitchen sink.

The dishwasher tends to squirt out a lot of water quickly to clean plates. Because your pipes may not be able to handle as much water, part of it is redirected. This is frequent when homeowners upgrade their dishwasher’s pump.

Your Main Drain Line Is Clogged

Sinks are the most clogged drains in your household. If your entire plumbing system is faulty, symptoms may manifest themselves prior to your kitchen sink’s operation. A backed-up kitchen sink is more likely to suggest a problem with the kitchen sink itself rather than with the main drain line.

However, the main drain line remains suspect. It connects to your home’s septic system or municipal sewer pipe. The accumulated food, grease, filth, and hair in your sink pipes will ultimately reach this mainline. If muck builds up inside the drain line, it restricts water flow and backs up into your sink.

You Have A Clogged Vent Pipe

Your plumbing system needs proper ventilation to function. This venting allows the system to get the air it needs to keep the water moving. Water may struggle to flow through clogged vent pipes. Bugs, squirrels, and birds often establish nests inside these vents, clogging the pipe.

If that’s the case, look for clogged vent pipes on the roof to resolve the situation. Ask a professional to clean out the vent pipe of any material that may have clogged your kitchen sink.

Does Your Kitchen Sink Still Backup? New Flow Plumbing Can Assist!

If you’ve tried some of these home cures and they haven’t worked, don’t wait any longer; contact your local plumbing experts at New Flow Plumbing right away. We employ recognized and trained plumbing technicians who understand that clogged drains and other plumbing issues can be a difficulty that must be addressed immediately and effectively.


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