An obstruction in your sewer line can cause filthy sewage to back up from your drains and into your home when it forms. This frequently results in significant damage to your flooring, walls, and appliances. Not to mention the costs associated with clearing the clog and repairing the damaged plumbing.


Simple measures can help prevent this catastrophe by identifying sewer line clogs before they become catastrophic, but to successfully combat them, you must first grasp their causes. You will be able to correct the blockage before it becomes a major problem.

The Roots of a Tree

During dry seasons, large trees and shrubs in your yard will instinctively seek out water sources beneath the soil to ensure their continued survival. It’s common for your sewer line to be the closest water source, especially if it’s located near a tree or shrub. It takes time, but roots can eventually penetrate the sewer line at its joints, causing a clog or severe damage to the line that is expensive to repair. This problem is more prevalent in older homes that have outdated plumbing systems.

Lines That Have Deen Damaged

The symptoms of a backed-up, collapsed, or damaged sewer line is similar to those of a backed-up or backed-up sewer line, and they can result in backups and flooding in your yard or basement. Natural wear and tear on an older sewer line made of cast iron or clay can result from ground shifting during an earthquake, inadequate ground support, or ground shifting during an earthquake.

Blockage in the Sanitary Main

A clogged sewer line is not always the result of a problem with your home’s plumbing. Occasionally, clogged sanitary mains in the city can cause the same problems as an obstruction in your home’s drainage system, including drains backing up and flooding on your property. Despite the fact that these obstructions are frequently detected before they become a problem, they do occur on occasion.

Excessive Rainfall and Flooding 

Sewers can only withstand a certain amount of rain and flooding before they become overloaded and the water is diverted elsewhere. When this occurs, the excess water frequently finds its way into residential sewer lines, where it has the potential to clog pipes and cause a sewage overflow.

Having a Clog in Your House

Sometimes the most straightforward explanation is the most effective. In the event that your sewer line has developed a clog, there is a good chance that it originated from within your home. Blockages can develop gradually or suddenly, resulting in the cessation of water flow in the line and the occurrence of costly backups. 


When it comes to wastewater or sewage, the smallest of materials can cause major damage to the lines. That is why it is vital to contact a professional sewer line cleaning company before the problem gets worse and consumes you with more bills. 

New Flow Plumbing will come to you quickly with qualified sewer line technicians ready to inspect your installation, perform necessary repairs, and, if all seems lost, replace sections as needed. We are ready to respond to your sewer line emergencies with prompt and dependable service. No matter if you require drain cleaning services or are experiencing a sewer line emergency, we have you covered!

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